Earth to Tamagotchi - Part 2

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Jul 9, 2013
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((Thanks to Hapihapitchi for commenting in the seperate section! It really made me happy. :) This chapter involves, as said before, a new friend, and a bit more sense behind the current situation. I hope the people reading can take it in properly!))


A bright light instantly filled our vision, sparkles flowing through the air. It was almost magical, and technically, it was.

However, what was distracting from the moment was a slowly-building up sound of unkempt wires. It wound up, and, as the light faded, I quickly blinked my eyes open.

I only saw a flash of melting plastic before I leaped, grabbed Lovelitchi, and rolled away from the miniature explosion that followed.

I stayed in that position for a few seconds, as I once again fluttered my eyes open, before letting the small creature in my arms go as I slowly got up. The small drawer in my closet was covered in what used to be pieces of a Tamagotchi shell. As a small, burnt, triangular-shaped pick with a code on the back floated down to my feet, I realised what Tamagotchi toy just went.


I instantly jumped back, Lovelitchi doing the same, except she also clung to my leg soon after. A mysterious shadow tip-toed around the top of the dresser, avoiding hot plastic, before it occurred to me what creature had somehow come out of it’s ‘shell’.

“Kuromametchi.” I gasped in stunned awe, as the most coolest Tamagotchi in the world revealed itself to me. Lovelitchi seemed equally as stunned, choosing to now hide her whole self behind my appendage, peeping only a little bit.

“Heh, that’s right. All you Tamagotchis out there, this is fo-” The black-eared Tamagotchi, who, for some reason, had his eyes closed in the way that made him look thoughtful and cool up until now, noticed me. He instantly stopped his sentence, taking in my appearance.

“Wait a minute… This isn’t Tamatown Stadium.” Kuromametchi looked around quickly, noticing the appearance of my room. Lovelitchi and I only stared as he, the coolest Tamagotchi in the world, unexpectedly showed up his “audience”, which were, unknown to him, just pieces of code that somehow did not become sentient the way he or Lovelitchi did.

“Uh… Hi. I’m not too sure how to explain this to you, but…”

- - -

A few minutes later, and I’d explained to Kuromametchi the small idea Lovelitchi and I had of what was going on. And by that, I mean only I explained it. Lovelitchi was staring at Kuromametchi the whole time. You probably know where this is going. As I did, the hope in the air somehow seemed to fade away, a more serious aura around us taking over.

“So… My shell somehow blew, and I’m in your world now?” Kuromametchi questioned. I could see the suspicion in his face, as he was probably trying to determine where the heck he was and why his human caretaker was in-front of him. "By that, I mean that we are self-aware when we're in the shells. It's just that we aren't meant to interact with caretakers too much as to create an accidental connection... But it still happened even without us doing so..."

“Yeah, basically. For some reason, there’s a lot more behind what we call your shells ‘toys’, and, well, I get the feeling you two aren’t the only ones to have it happen to you.” I managed to explain. However, a sudden thought came into my head. “Wait, that small shell of a Tamagotchi has a whole world inside it?”

Kuromametchi and Lovelitchi threw confused looks towards me. “Don’t you see it everyday when taking care of us?” The white rabbit tamagotchi asked.

As evidence clearly started to thread together, I could only answer honestly. “Well, yeah… But it’s all… pixely, and stuff.”

I couldn’t catch their expressions, as I was trying to avoid looking at them, but I could sense the horrified aura coming from the two now-confirmed-to-actually-be-real aliens.

“Hmph.” Kuromametchi could only huff as he thought the information over. His expression, compared to Lovelitchi – who, when I looked at, was close to tears due to the overwhelming amount of information and lies being revealed – was a lot more neutral, but I could tell he wasn’t showing it on purpose. He was just as terrified.

After all, if your caretaker, who you thought saw the real you really hadn’t for more than a few years, what other things had been misunderstood through the mistaken connection between their world and the others?

“S...S.P?” Lovelitchi spoke up, questioning my username I had entered onto the now-destroyed iD L. The iD L that was her home, that was now gone. “I remember calling you by it so many times, but...” She shook her head. “I never thought I’d see you beyond the screen. At least, that’s what I thought!” She faked a laugh, eventually trailing off, her eyes blank and her mouth agape. I swore Kuromametchi sent her a look of pity, just for a moment, before turning to me again.

“S.P is also what I knew you as…” He pondered, eyes closed in a thinking stance. “It’s just as strange that you see our world inside our shells nothing more than… pixels.” Kuromametchi stated, putting emphasis on the last word. "The shells is what allows us to have a caretaker, due to the Tamagotchi species as a whole not having great skills when, well..." He suddenly stopped, as if he was afraid of me knowing more than I already did. I could see where this was coming from, considering that this so-called 'accidental connection' business was more or less out of the ordinary.

As we sat in silence, just for a bit, I suddenly felt hungry. And hunger took over all logical thinking.

“Welp, I’m starving.” As I stretched, and got up from the mattress, Lovelitchi quickly copied me, not wanting to be alone. Her eyes seemed to brighten at the thought of eating, but she felt Kuromametchi’s eyes on her, and instantly faltered.

“I...I am, too…” She quietly mumbled, a blush on her face. It was a bit strange to see her get so worked up about food, but she was next to the coolest Tamagotchi in the world, and even with the determination she had before, it seemed to be gone as soon as it came.

Wanting to break the sudden tension, I grabbed the two Tamagotchis – Kuromametchi attempting to struggle out of my grip, crying that he could do it himself –, quickly placing them on my shoulders. Realising I left my door open, I closed it behind me, and hopped downstairs.

I just hoped the future events before us could allow us to connect in a way that seemed genuine.

- - -

- ERROR : HYPER BOND ACTIVATED. SOURCE UNKNOWN. MESSAGE READS: <p> "We deserve to finally connect." </p> -

- - -

Next chapter, snacks are shared, and our trio starts to get along. Also, a new Tamagotchi appears, one with a bad grudge.

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