Experiences with and opinions on the Baby T-Rex?


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Jun 13, 2014
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I'd like to generally discuss this particular pet and have some tips on the side. :D

I've had this cutey for over a year now, though I've played it only a few times for a few days. I think my record is 9 days. Now I'm trying to have it live for the approx. 2 weeks it's designed to. I have no interest in it living for months as that would surely require near constant attention and I don't want to do that.

I love this, even though this is an awfully demanding pet. But it's so cute and fun!
Its appearence is cute, and the way it keeps jamming on the screen like the cool dino it is, the cute animation and big pounding heart whenever its needs are met or it catches a mouse, and how it literally showers kind of like a human and smiles while doing so, how it sleep-walks if you don't turn off the lights (but I do, so that it'll be happy), how it smiles while it catches its z's when the lights are turned off, the mouse catching game is kind of fun even though impossible to lose - (as in it's still less boring than some other Giga Pets that don't require more than two button pushes to win the game), and it's funny that it eats pizza, and it's awesome to take a freakin' T-Rex to a vet. :D I don't like yelling at it, the animation is made too cute for that too. But it's still less awful to do than the MGA puppy/kitten disciplining that actually makes you smack them. o_O

What's your opinion on this pet?
What's your record age for this?
Does this have more than two growth stages?


I had an MGA puppy when I was a kid, and though my friend had a Giga Pet back then, this is still new-ish programming to me. And the instructions apparently are very basic.
So, there's a few things I'd like clarified:

It seems to want a snack very often...It can't be healthy to give it pizza that often,. It's annoying when the Attention icon is constantly on but I don't want to spoil it. Generally, does the 2-3 pizzas a day apply to this one, too? (I read the health/care guide by KiraKitty, but I think this dino may differ significantly from a puppy. As it indeed asks for a treat often & doesn't have any trick/reward feature.)

Sometimes when I turn off the lights in the middle of the day, it makes a sound which I interpret as protesting but sometimes it doesn't say anything about it - yet it doesn't lay down to take a nap either. What am I supposed to think about that?

Also, the guide by KiraKitty talked about a sad face, but I don't think this dino has any different facial expressions when it's just hanging around but it's always quite neutral? Or maybe I just haven't paid attention, as I usually just check the scores...

Apparently you can wake it up by yelling at it, (discipline), but that's just awful and naturally will decrease happiness and health points. There isn't any other way to wake it up, is there?? Because when its health score is way down for some reason and I'd really need to take it to a vet but it's asleep, yelling at it would potentially kill it. Why IS the discipline option available during its sleep time, anyway? If you're supposed to be able to wake it up, why not inclide a pleasent way to do that? o_O

What is the ideal weight for it, relative to its age? It seems to get hungry really quickly but I wouldn't want to make it over-weight.

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Spirit Rabbit

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Mar 18, 2013
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Sorry for doing a small hijacking, but I gotta ask you since I'm about to hit the order button on ebay on one of these. Does it evolve?



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Mar 24, 2015
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Had one of these back in the day. He was pretty cool. Didn't he chase a car in his game when he was an adult or am I thinking of another dino pet? I always imagined him eating everyone inside when I won the game.



Jan 22, 2015
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The T-Rex's programming is similar to the Nanos. You can give him snack when he needs it (but only then!). I kept it live for quite some time, it chased a van or a car not a mouse when it evolved :D If you discipline it, play with it immeadiately. Keep his food points up all the time (I think 1 food gives it 25-30 foodpoints, so don't overfeed it, max 100!) Also, don't discipline it, if the points are 50 or up, only when it's 20ish. The T-rex also doesn't need naps if i remember correctly (played with it months ago), you need to discipline it. It sleeps only during the night, only this time turn off the lights. My guide was meant for the 'normal' Giga Pets (Compu Kitty, Floppy frog, Digital Doggie, Computer Koala, Microchimp), not the Nano-like ones. If you have other question, ask, hopefully I can help more.

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