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Jul 29, 2020
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Somewhere in USA
I made this so people can share their favorite music. (Any kind)

I love the Hamilton soundtrack. It's almost all that I listen too. It was really cool to see it on disney+.

What is your favorite music?

I've been really into music lately because I listen to it while I do course work. For the usual textbook reading I listen to either instrumental music, lo-fi (kinda like instrumental hip-hop intended to be very calming), chiptune/electronica, or music in a foreign language (usually J-Pop used in the anime openings/endings that I've seen) because it's not too distracting. For awhile I worked out in the backyard and would play the Pokemon lo-fi remix compilations by SeaSilver and it made me love every moment.

I only listen to English music whenever I'm doing something that doesn't require allot of concentration or when I'm writing assignments. I stumbled upon a cover of The Other Side and since then I've been occasionally listening to the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman, which is surprisingly good and insightful (and I haven't even seen the movie!). My favourite genre is rock and I tend to like vent-y, aggressive songs because they pump me up and also satisfy my desire to have injustice punished (sounds weird but it's true). I've been obsessed with Linkin Park lately and I like that they're a cross-genre band since it's allot more variety and I often swing from pop-heavy to rock-heavy (binging things and then being burnout is a trend with me). The two other rock bands I like are Black Veil Brides - I've listened to almost everything they've made -  and Shinedown. I like all genres and haven't branched out that far so the only other notable artists I've listened to are Adele, Andy Black, AViVA, and We The Kings. Might as well add that because I'm a Christian, I only listen to music that is clean or edited versions made by other people, so I don't listen to every single song made by those artists and I don't consider them role models (although I'm way past the role model phase, anyway).

I tend to gravitate toward alternative rock and similar genres as a whole, though as far as a favorite band goes it's a 3 way tie between Ween, R.E.M. and They Might Be Giants. Red Vox and Tally Hall are close in the ranking, too.
KFC Murder Chicks, the Residents, 100 Gecs, Butthole Surfers, Dandy Warhols, Placebo. For genre, I really like old raggae lately.

Some very weird tastes I have, I've been told. My friends absolutely hate my tastes, so I've been banned from choosing songs. :(
Eelmatic’s music one of my favorites right now. He makes pretty good r&b songs.

My favorite artists are Will Wood, Dirt Poor Robins, Lemon Demon, Tally Hall, and Jukebox the Ghost.
I've also been listening to a lot of Epic: The Musical lately.