Fimor's CUSTOM virtual pets thread (´・ω・`)


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May 24, 2018
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Please please make the Bandai Witch Pets. These are one of the rarest and many would love to get. 3k $ on ebay.
we would LOVE to do it, but since it's impossible to "extract" a programming of a pet, to do that we need to have one in hands or at least have a owner providing every sprite of this pet and make a detailed doccument poiniting how every aspect of this pet works, and Magical Witches are indeed extremelly complex pets, for sure!!

Really cool project, thanks for sharing! Are there any plans in the future on making a code "template" for a pet, where non-coders can try making their own? Hope this makes sense.
Something like a "engine" that helps to build a pet, adding features and sprites, right? (something like mugen to fighting games, openbor to beatenups, i got you :3 ) we already speaked about it with our developer but he's too busy with the pets we're already working to develop something like it, the pet is programmable, using the C language and since the device have a port to updates, it's not a impossible task, yet :3

And even the devil Tama! I own an a Devilgotchi so I can experiment with stuff and contribute to the project with information and footage of animations and such(I should note that I'm not willing to lend out my devil as they are expensive, but I'm happy to help out how I can otherwise).
It'd be awesome for others to be able to enjoy the devils without being forced into dropping $450+ for one.
thanks!! It's not needed to lend us any pet ahahaha
but Devilgotchis are really pricky and have some random events that must be hard to record and get sprites eaheauheuea
we can also work in them eventually :3


Speaking of absolutely wild prices, maybe some of the Digimon virtual pets should be considered for remakes. I've never seen a older release go for a reasonable price.

Edit: Had some trouble with the quote feature.
yep, some people showed interest in our project seeing it as revenge against the absurd prices of bandai products eaheauhea
but sadly it's the very same collectors that wants everything to be exclusive to them that keeps the prices this way, something like "It's ok to rare pets be deserved to those what pays more" :V

We already finished the Dinkie Megapet and it's working really Nice, the pet is offering a closer experience to vintage virtual pets like we expected, the gameplay is pretty smooth and not too demanding like originals :3
I even recorded a YT video and I'll be uploading as soon as my laziness let me do something aheuahwu :3
It would be ready to be be assembled and sold everywere but since Our developer lives in Russia, It become Very difficult to him to sell outside there, since he cannot receive payments from outside anymore due the recent conflicts :-/
We're still working developing programmings and there's two more pets to be out of the oven ;-3
Here is what i'm playing Just for Fun and the album feature showing unlocked dinos :3


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