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Jul 28, 2022
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Hi guys. I came here for some information. Hope you can help.
When I was a child (we talk about 2003-2005 max) a lot of this type of tamagotchi was sold by chineese store.
This model, as you can see, is an egg style that can open and close and have a digimon in the other side of the egg (totally for flavour).
The question starts here, because I remember 2 type of models for this item: the classic bunny ROMs that have inside what all we know (this type in particular, for what I remember, was sold in ~2005 and later), and another model that I really hope to find.
The model which I try to search for info is, for what I remember, a clone. But I really don't know if is a tamagotchi clone or a gyaoppi clone. All that I remember is that there isn't a bunny rom at all in this type, you can't chose the pet in the beginning but you always start with a Babytchi/Marutchi (or something that is really similar to them). I think I never seen their adult form because they always died before the evolution for bad care. But for what I remember, the function for this type of tamagotchi were the same of a P1 or a Gyaoppi as I told before. If someone have any info, please tell me. For what I have seen, all the models that I found on internet are a 68 in 1 bunny ROM.


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