Help to find my childhood counterfait tamagotchi + All the info that I found/remember about it


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Jul 28, 2022
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Hi guys, I came here for some help. It's a while that I'm searching this counterfait model (I attach some photos that I found on the web), but unfortunately my research brings only more question than answers.
I want to start to the beginning of my research: the model that I had in my childhood is an egg-style shell with a lid in which inside there is a Digimon image. A lot of colors and also clear shells avaliable. I personally remember that I had 3 models, one light blue, one yellow and one with a clear magenta shell.
In the magenta one there is surely a V-mon, in the other 2 I think there are a Patamon and an Angelmon.
Not too sure on this one (for reason that I explain soon) but I think that there are 3 little pixel monster like in the Baby King photo, around the screen (and in fact that model is sold in italy, which I live). I really don't remember if there are more than 3 buttons or something like RakuRaku DinoKun because I was too young when I had them. Surely I had only counterfait tamagotchi in my childhood and only this model in particular (I think in Italy this product was more famous than original Tamagotchi...) but I remember me having some of this models with normal buttons (3 or 4 buttons) so I think that they exist also in this way.
So, the problem here is that for what I have learned, there are like a minimum of 3 different software model for these digimon shells. Because doing some research I discovered that one is the dear and old Bunny ROM and one is a RakuRaku DinoKun bootleg. But I remember something completely different. Something that onestly I really start to think that is a software with stolen/unique (less likely) graphics of a LOT of V-Pets.
I remember very less, but I really try to tell you guys as much info as possible.
First thing, I swear that some of this V-Pet remind me a lot my old models. But at the same time there are things that I never seen in my life. For this reason I think that someone stole some parts of V-pets software and fuse in another device. The way that this tama eat, drink, the things that are on the menu, the animation when you feed them (you know, when food slide towards the pet), all of this is familiar in some way.
Also the syringe and the way in which is used is totally familiar.
The first form itself, is as I remember the pet. But here's the problem. I really don't remember that the second form is a dinosaur. At all. (onestly, I don't remember at all adult forms, probably because they died before they grow).I think it is something very similar to Marutchi (at the same way this first pet evolution is similar to Babytchi).
Another thing that I remember is that the born screen "explode" like described in this post.
Last thing, but VERY important. And it's a thing that literally burnout me every time I think on it. The 2 death animations (probably they were on 2 different device) are something that I really NEVER seen in ANY Tamagotchi. I really hope that I'm just ignorant and I didn't find the right vpet in which there are, but who knows, maybe is a proprietary thing. I really don't have any pictures of this and I know this sounds a strange post where someone try to make an elaborate fake post of a fake tamagotchi, but trust it or not I'm really searching this thing at the point that I'll try to draw what I remember of this death animation. There is 2 version like I told earlier, both very simple and have, in the center, a grave with a cross or a coffin with a cross. No ghost, no death pet, no bye bye write on the screen, NOTHING. Only this damn grave/coffin, and you must reset the game (with a button that I think is in the back placed in the same way of original Tamagotchis, so you need something to press it).
That's all that I remember for now. If something comes out I post here more info. I know is a pratically impossible research, but I want to try as much as possible. I would like to at least prove to myself that this things is real and not something that I hallucinated :')
Sure, own one of this thing would be like a dream.
In general, I think that when I or someone find a device with this shell type and a software that have the majority of things that I wrote here, I'll be satisfied for this research.
Thanks for all my heart if someone try to help me with this thing. It means a lot to me and I really are grateful to you guys :)
Hope that someone can have some info about it. My fingers are crossed!

I decided to riassume all that I remember in a list, so if someone would help me without read all every time they can do easely:
Things that I'm sure it is in the way I explained:
-The shell colors and style (light blue, yellow, clear magenta but there is in all colors)
-The V-Pets have a lid that opens and have a Digimon frame inside (I owned V-Mon, Patamon, Angelmon, and I see on the web Greymon, Tikkei, Guilmon)
-Minimum 3 different software types (Bunny ROM, RakuRaku DinoKun bootleg and what I remember that is totally different from these two)
-Some aspect similar to this V-Pet
-Lot of useless or strange functions in the software that really are of no use
-The grave with a cross WITHOUT a ghost, a bye bye or anything death in the screen
-The reset button that is in the original style (you need something to press it)

Things that I remember but I'm not so confidant about it for say that are 100% sure:
-I'm pretty sure that the birth animation aren't conventional, here there is a description that fits well what I mean.
-I don't really remember the pet growth, but I think that the first 2 are something like Babytchi and Marutchi
-I vaguely remember that there is the option that the born screen is something out of schemes like a volcano or an explosion.
-I don't really remember if the reset button are placed in the front or in the back. (More likely in the back)
-Don't remember if the 3 pixel monsters that I describe before are in the version that I remember, because In my childhood I own one of these with a Bunny ROM inside.

Another, little thing about this post: some days ago I created another post with similar but very less information about this V-Pet. I did a lot of research in the meanwhile and I discovered that what I wrote in the old post was almost everything wrong, title post included. So I decided to redo all and write all I remember/learned about them.


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Jul 28, 2022
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EDIT: Here some other photos about this tamagotchis.
There are all dfferent in many ways: bottom numbers, figures and written that are in the shell and with huge probability they have all different system inside (one in particular have written "rakuraku dinokun" in the plastic, but onestly they missing some buttons so I doubt is really a dinkle dino bootleg).
I put also a device with different shell because there are a death scene that is similar to what I described; I don't think it's the same but at least it's the first thing that I've seen similar.

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