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Dec 18, 2011
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Hi i have a new Win 10 laptop.

I tried downloading items following instructions 4th icon Download. Nothing seems to come across on computer screen or on Tama! 

What do I need to do? Someone please help me!


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Nothing is showing up after i plugged in UsB!

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I've never used a dongle before, but do you need software to send the files over? If not, I've heard that IR dongles are notoriously fiddly, and you just have to keep trying until it sends through.

What's difference b/n Dongle and Adapter? Which one is better for download?

My other 1st adapter i ordered online years ago, came new in package, which was successful with Windows XP Tama downloads. I got what i wanted yes!

But NOW this 2nd one I ordered (the black one in pic above) only came by itself. No other Cd/Software included, Plus I no longer have Win XP anymore, Just Windows 7 and 10 now.

There was no inscription on the Usb device, The only thing i done was emailed the Ebay seller. They aren't getting back with me for more info on the device. What should I do? 


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