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Knighttchi's Ballad

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Mar 22, 2017
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I'm super-duper, genuinely new here. Got any advice on tamas? Could ya point me to some useful topics? I'm too new to know any better about my tammies. Is that what you people shorten them too, "Tammy's"? Like, there was a super specials lady in all of yous lives called "Tammy" so you all wanted your personal Tammy to carry around with yuh? Also, what be so exciting about these things anyway? There tiny and painted in many different colours but they seem to be lacking anything special in the middle. It seems like there totally should have been something in the middle and maybe even something to do with them beside use 'em as paper weights. Maybe if I left the batteries in they'd be heavier? What do yous fill yous Tammies with?

Also, is this guy here >  :lol:  supposed to be a victim of radiation? Is that why he's green and hairless because of the radiation? I hate to think what happened to this woman > :ichigotchi:  At least this woman is wearing a helmet because of her radiation damage >  :ph34r:  This dude knows better than to let more radiation get him so he's got his eyes peeled > :newmametchi:  His buddy is allot less relaxed with his little, red, danger hat>  :nazotchi:  This buffoon seems to think wiggling his hips all saucily will stop him from being damaged any further by the radiation>  :tarakotchi:  These guys just accepted thems fate and decided to make the best of it>  :hanatchi:   :marumimitchi:   :chohimetchi:

It's kinda sick that yous are cool with keeping little radiation damaged people with you, but I guess different strokes for different folks. I should keep an open mind because you all know Tammy and an enemy of Tammy is an enemy of the world. So that's why I wanted to say "Hi, teach me the ways of Tammy" because I don't want to make enemies with eventual world rulers. Like, that is what yous are planning to do, right? If you can live with little radiation people, you're prepared for everything. I bet you want to silently scream at people, "You think you've got the power but you can't withstand no radiation like I can! I've been raising radiation damaged people before you were even born, fool! :rolleyes: "

So tell me, how do Tammy-goat-cheese educate you on radiation survival?

April Fools! 

I'm allowed to post here at least once, right? Consider this an introduction to my crazy brain and when I dump its contents, I get stuff like this. I originally never made one of these because I didn't know whether TamaTalk was going to become part of my life. Also, I had a more defensive mindset due to being somewhat socially paranoid. Part of that probably stems from how I'm shy in real life so people always seemed a bit intimidating, ha ha. My about section on my profile will always be my core introduction, in any event.



TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi
Apr 27, 2020
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I love it when your crazy side comes out lol, you crack me up when you show this side of yourself haha :lol: