Hi everyone!


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Jun 30, 2024
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone! Just registered and wanted to say hi! I’ve recently got back into Tama in a huge way.

Casually scrolling through Instagram I saw that they were rereleasing the Connection so I immediately pre-ordered that for some nostalgia and that’s when I saw all the other Tamagotchi stuff they released since I originally had a Connection back in the early 00s.

Now I’m the proud owner of seven designs of the new original rereleases, three nanos, two minis, two Pixes, a v1 Connection, an Angel, a Familitchi and a Music Star. I’ve also got another nano, two new Connections and three Unis pre ordered!

Currently running four Tamas right now and thinking about starting a fifth!

Nice to meet you all!
Hi!! am also excited about the rereleased!! got to admit I do not have or ever had a connection🫢, am also new in here, so welcome!!! hope we have fun!!