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May 16, 2022
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First off, I got started with Tamagotchi when I noticed my grandma had one and gave it to me. Originally, she thought it was some kind of keychain charm (that my grandma got from a thrift store,) until I told her what it was. After I did that, she said that I could have it and I still do have it. I did try and look up back then what the PC thing was about due to my Tamagotchi being a V6 Music Star and found out that it was a feature I couldn't use due to TamaTown no longer being available. I did forget about my Tamagotchi one day and let its battery die, so I discarded the battery or reused it in something else. But then earlier this month (May 2022,) Bob's Burgers had a Purrbo (Tamagotchi Parody) Episode were Gene gets addicted to a '90s Purrbo. That episode made me want a Tamagotchi P1 and until I had gotten one, I had looked up some stuff on Tamagotchi and were to by one. Also, I did start using my Music Star again (after getting a new battery) and it is now on the second generation and the Tamagotchi on the Music Star is a 2-year-old boy named Bob and is in a band named Tama. My P1 is on the first generation and the Tamagotchi on it is an unnamed neutral gender (P1 do not have a naming feature and gender system) 8-year-old.
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