How do I keep my tama safe!


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Feb 6, 2023
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My tama is on a lanyard so he always bumps into things. I’m always scared that he’ll break or something. I’m asking all of you for advicehappy2

Also sorry for the exlemation mark I meant to do a question mark
I usually keep mine in a little padded pouch in my backpack, just to make sure they're protected. The matching lanyards are cute and all, but I don't trust them to swing around and not get damaged.
I use a Kirby pouch that has a window so I can see if it needs anything. I got it in AliExpress.IMG_20220919_140658.jpg
if you don't have any of the fancy pouches or cases, i usually just roll up a fuzzy sock to make a pouch-looking thing, then just stick the tama in it face-up.
Put it in a Ziplock bag and fold it up. This will protect it from dust/water and add scratch resistance to the shell/screen. I do this when I put it in my pants pocket. Make sure to remove the keychain or lanyard while doing this though.