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Mar 31, 2006
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TamaTalk topics are organized by subject matter. Questions related to current Tamagotchi models should be posted in either Help For New Tamagotchi Pet Owners or What Happened To My Tamagotchi?!. Questions related to older models belong in the Virtual Pets subforum - either  Tamagotchi Ancestors, or those about non-Bandai virtual pets should be posted in one of the forums in Tamagotchi Cousins. (For example, questions about Pixel Chix should go in the Pixel Chix Talk forum.)

Navigate to the forum where your topic should go. Check the topics marked Pinned: in that forum to see if there are any special rules you should follow for that forum.

To create your topic, click the [Start New Topic] button near the top right corner of the forum.
Enter a descriptive title and try to include which version tama:  "Why did my V3 boom box blow up?" will get an answer faster and will be easier for you to find again than "Why did it do that?"
Use the topic description to give more information to members on what the topic is about.
Make your post an accurate and complete question, for example "I've got a V3. I bought the boom box and the music disc. When I used them, the boom box blew up. Is that supposed to happen, or did I do something wrong?"
Click the Preview Post button. What your post will look like will appear near the top of the page. This gives you a chance to check for spelling errors, and to make sure your colors and other tags worked properly.
(For information on how to put colors into your posts, see this topic: How to: post using different colors & text sizes )
If you need to make changes to your post, you can do so in the post edit box below the preview area.

When you're satisfied that it looks ok, click the Post New Topic button.

Eventually, someone will read your topic, and reply with an answer.

To find your topic again (to check for answers), you can scan the forum you posted it in, or click your user name in the upper right corner.
Clicking your user name will take you to your profile page. There, clicking the Find all posts by this member link near the left, just above your avatar will display a list of all posts you've made.

Note: some forums are on moderator approval. This means that new posts in them won't show up until a guide approves them. If you create a topic on a forum on moderator approval, it may not show up for a couple of hours, depending on how busy the guides are.

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