I found easiest way to make your Tamagotchi smart happy


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Aug 30, 2020
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Let your Tamagotchi listen to Music!!

This all happen through coincidence. When I was out with my parents. I was sitting in the car taking care of my smart because it was feeling pretty bad. And I then click on it to pet it. But also once for fun clicked on the microphone icon too. And first I thought it was a pretty bad Idea... Because my parents listened to music and the tama... Was kinda listening too so the microphone option didn't stop and I had to wait until we arrived. But as we did so, I took one last look and saw it very happy and it's happiness bar was pretty high!

(and you know what's pretty Ironical? My Tama even became a Poptchi haha! )

(P. S. : I don't want to say that listening to music makes it a Poptchi. In fact my Tama was the lowest teen I just think it was because I made it very happy and took good care of it after it became a teen makes it one Idk)

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