i got my first tamagotchi ON, and i have some questions!

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Feb 24, 2022
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hello! i recently just received my first ever tamagotchi, a fairy pink tamagotchi ON! i know little to nothing about this game and franchise in general, but i'm super interested to learn more and how to take care of them!

so far, from advice i've gotten from a few other friends who have a tamagotchi ON, i hatched a female marupitchi and i know the very basics of taking care of her. she has evolved into a chiroritchi, and is currently sleeping! i just had a few questions that i haven't found the answer to online directly.

#1 - i know that when your tamagotchi is awake, they will ping you if they need something. but what exactly counts as a care mistake? i know it means that you purposefully ignore or miss their pings, but how do you know if you make a care mistake? does it show in their profile, or does it let you know in some other way?

#2 - is there a point in marriage for your tamagotchi? i know you can leave them with their parents if you're going to be busy for a while, but is marriage just so you can raise more tamagotchi? if so, where do the other ones go? is it sort of like different save files? as for the generations as well; is that just like. a chain line of how many tamagotchis you have? i never saw it fully explained...

#3 - and finally, regarding the tamagotchi ON mobile app; i have it installed, and have messed around with it a few months before i actually got my tamagotchi ON. how does it work when connecting it to your actual device? i know it syncs to it, but i recently saw that the app is shutting down and won't be accessible in a few months. in the meantime, though, what can i benefit from it?

thank you in advance!! if anyone would like to send any more threads that might help a first time ever beginner at raising these little guys, i'd sincerely appreciate it! i've watched a few videos on youtube, but it seems i still have a lot to learn!

oops! my bad, i just realized i posted this in the wrong board... is there any way i can move this somehow? so sorry! fixed! thank you very much, Penguin-keeper~
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Dec 23, 2017
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oops! my bad, i just realized i posted this in the wrong board... is there any way i can move this somehow? so sorry! :-(
Done. :smile2: It's ok to use the Report button on your own posts if you make a mistake - and it saves you from having to double-post, too. ;))
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