I played the Mission Motherboard remaster so you don't have to

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Aug 22, 2020
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For me, the game Mission Motherboard was a big part of my childhood for being a free downloadable game on the Cyberchase website, because all I had to play back then was Flight Simulator 10.0, my dad would let me play GTA4, but my mom came in and then turn off the computer and hide the disc. Recently, PBS released a remaster of the game, so I played it and it's good yet very bad at the same time. First, the controls are same as the original, so that's a plus, and the graphics are better than the original, well, they made the textures cleaner at least. They also added full voice acting, even minor characters like Erica RAM, who just gives a quiz has a voice. Now to the bad parts. They removed a map from the story, but Radpolis did not come until the "Race for Radpolis" expansion pack (wonder if they will release that, along side the other good ep, EcoHaven Attack) and the items you need to restore Motherboard are super easy to get, I beat the whole thing in like an hour or two, and the prices for those items are reduced by around 20%, but money management was a big part of Mission Motherboard, so seeing the prices go tinier than a troll is very bad. Also, in order to shake a tree with berries on it, you need to be facing it, then there is the weird bugs that they might have left on purpose, such when I was playing a job, I opened my Poddlepad to see how many more items I need and when I exited, it kicked me out of the job and saved! Yep, quick saves from your Poddlepad are a thing, just open it up and close it, then "Saving" appears, like when you teleport to a different map.

Well, it's a good remake, but did not keep me engaged for very long 3/10