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Jun 7, 2024
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi, everybody! My name's Lily - 30 year old from Australia. My first Tamagotchi was the original Connection in 2004! I keep that baby going right up to generation 20 and the shell literally fell apart from wear. 🥲 My favourite device is the Connection version 2 for its large character roster, without the gender limitations being added yet. Essentially, old school Tamagotchi enthusiast - I felt like some of the later versions got a little too complex and lost the charm of it being a simple virtual pet.

That's about sums up my Tamagotchi experience! I have a feeling there's probably an inactively account on this site made by my 11 year old self, but I couldn't tell ya what it is.

I recently had the very late revelation that I could use my hard earned money to buy the cool Tamagotchis I always wanted when I was 11, so I did! Instant dopamine hit when I got my hands on my dream devices... Here's what I'm currently running:


... Those are Mesutchi & Osutchi, Angelgotchi, Morino Tamagotchi, and Original Gen 1 2021 Rerelease! :tarakotchi: I'm most excited to have my hands on Mesutchi & Osutchi and the Morino. Still contemplating whether I'll be grabbing the Connection Rerelease but, knowing me and my retail therapy ways, the answer is mostly likely a yes.

I really hope to make some friends here, especially with other people raising the 90s devices, as I'm sure we'll get along if you think these are as cool as I do! 😎 Thanks for having me!
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