Is it normal for Angels to live this long?


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Apr 30, 2022
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California, U.S.
Still running my Angel for the first time. I've heard that the angel twins do live for a long time, like in the 20s, but mine is 35 now. I haven't paused it, so that is an accurate day/year count.

How normal is this?!

I went through a period of being annoyed/bored with it, and there was a day or two where I think I only tended to it a few times during that day, thinking (even hoping) it would die/leave soon. But now I'm kind of intrigued it's living so long and interested to see how long I can get it to live, so I'm taking care of it a bit more often again. I'm still definitely not keeping the hearts full, as they empty too fast, but I'm keeping the angel power and deed meter up pretty well. (I let the angel power get down into the 70s sometimes but not usually lower than that.) I go anywhere from a half hour to a few hours between filling up the hearts. It seems to have quite a will for living . . . lol

I've been keeping it muted ever since it started becoming needy in its early or mid-20s. No one needs all that beeping.
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