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Aug 5, 2012
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Hi everyone, well everyones getting the P's finally shipped but for people who bought it from Jason's store havent got their shipped. (For me) its been 5 days and I havent got any updates from him yet. I know its only Monday, but I thought it would've been shipped on Monday. :(

To all the people who've bought from Jason - does he put a tracking number in? If so, how long did your package take from him. Man, I wish i've bought from HLJ......... :(

- TamaTamatchi

Two words --- just wait. :p

It's hard but in the end you'll get yours eventually. I've ordered a couple of tamas from Jason in the past, and no I don't get a tracking number but they managed to arrive here in Canada within a week... which is not so bad! :D

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Hahah that's what my friend and I were wondering.

He didn't even respond to any of our emails we sent him.

And my friend is really angry LOL that although we paid like 40$ more each, and everyone else on other websites has had theirs shipped.

I wish I had bought from HLJ as well, a LOT cheaper and they shipped it quickly.

Don't killllll me for criticizing Jason LOL.

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Jason is a very reliable seller within the Tamagotchi and eBay community. I think because of the amount of items he currently sells, I'm sure it would generate a TON of email from his customers. I would assume that he's just very busy with life and his work, but because of his reputation I don't think anyone has anything to worry about.

On a side note, I've ordered almost 100 Tamas from Jason and he's usually shipped out the package the day of purchase or the day after. Perhaps he is out of town, busy with work, or has personal things that need attending to. These long delays for shipping are very unusual for him.

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@ichiro malfoy,

Well, the problem is, i'm SUCH an anxious person and if something doesnt come to me when I want it, I throw a HUGE tantrum and start to freak out. I know it sounds silly....but waiting is my number one thing I hate, EVER.

Also when you said he doesnt enter a tracking number, I just hope that same will happen with me like it did with you. ^_^


hopefully our P's will arrive. I just hope it doesnt end up getting stuck in customs for 2 weeks like my iD L -_- .


He is very trustworthy and someone reliable. I've heard 99% of the time Jason is extremely good with shipping and very prompt. This is my first time ordering from him, so half of my body is like "he's good" and the other half...."he's bad". o.e

Thanks for the comments guys, makes me worry less. Also I left positive feedback for him and he did with me 4 days after I sent him a PM. Werid....

- TamaTamatchi

I wouldn't leave feedback until you've received the item- on the off chance that what you receive isn't what was in the photos/description, and contacting them about it does nothing. That's just me, though!

I purchased my P from Jason because I've had nothing but good experiences (and I've spent a few hundred dollars through him), and because all shipping experiences through him have been insanely quick. Keep in mind that I preordered it a week or two in advance of the release date. Perhaps he has a LOT of orders backed up and that's causing the delay? When did you place your order from him? I was definitely one of the first few to purchase preorders through him, though. I check e-Bay waaay too often.

I wouldn't expect updates- as he's only one person and he sells a lot more than just Tamagotchis. There was no tracking number for mine, but it arrived on Dec. 3rd, and I'm Eastern Canada. Did you happen to get yours yet? (Since I see this was posted a while ago).

@Kait -

No, still havent recieved it. and I bought it on the 22nd.

- TamaTamatchi

Give airmail more time. That can run up to 2-3 weeks. Workdays. Monday-Friday. Keep in mind, there was a holiday in there too. Given its the holidays, it can take a bit longer then usual due to the amount of gifts/stuff being sent out.

Yes. Finally!!!!!!

- TamaTamatchi

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