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[SIZE=10pt]Karma Guidelines[/SIZE]

Simply put, TamaTalk's Karma system measures each member's behaviour on the site.

It allows Admin and the Guides to reward those members who are helpful on the forums and around the site in general.

We award positive karma points for good behaviour and negative karma points in place of the old "Warning" system.

Every member has a karma measurement bar below their user name and avatar. There is an explanation about the colours in the bar and what they mean here: https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=71567

Note from Admin... - You can also see the range of colors with this graphic:


TamaTalk already has a topic that describes the Site Rules and how to follow them.

Negative karma points will be awarded to members who consistently break those rules.

Negative karma may also attract posting restrictions on the TamaTalk forums and restricted access to TamaCHAT. The length of time the restrictions apply depends on the behaviour and attitude of the member.

The Guides want to award positive karma - but only to those whose behaviour deserves it.

Similar to A Guide to becoming a TamaGuide pinned in the What's On Your Mind? forum, this topic describes ways that members might earn positive karma points.

Some members spend a lot of time on the site just searching the forums for topics that are in the wrong place, for duplicate topics or for old topics bumped to the front page. They spend more time reporting posts or sending PMs to Guides about problem posts than actually participating in the forum topics!

Reporting topics like this is very helpful to the Guides team -but it is not the only thing a Guide considers when they are looking for members who deserve positive karma.

It is much more important for all the members to enjoy their time on TamaTalk than trying to "police" the site to help out the Guides because they think that alone will earn them good karma.

You have control over when karma is increased by being a positive and contributing member of TamaTalk. Your karma level will be increased if you are always kind, friendly and helpful to fellow members on TamaTalk.

If you keep this in mind at all times (even when tempted to post a smart remark or to tease another member) you can't go far wrong.

We are looking out for members who know the site rules well, follow them and do their best to be a positive part of this fun, friendly community - but it takes more than a couple of good posts and a week or two of good behaviour to earn a karma point !

[SIZE=10pt]There is no fixed amount of time you have to behave well before you get a karma point.

There is no fixed amount of time you have to be a member of TamaTalk before you get a karma point.

There is no fixed number of posts to make before you get a karma point.

There is no fixed number of problem posts to report before you get a karma point.

It is all about the way you behave on the site.

A gentle reminder; please don't forget that it is Admin and the Guides who decide to award karma points;

it is not up to the members themselves or their buddies to decide if they have been well behaved enough to deserve a karma point.

So please, don't start topics in the forums or make posts requesting karma points for yourself or fellow members, discussing who should (or shouldn't) get Karma. These kinds of posts will be closed or deleted.

Similarly please, don't PM Admin or one of the Guides asking for karma points for yourself or fellow members (nor when you will get a point for good behaviour).

[SIZE=10pt]Finally, please remember to have fun on TamaTalk![/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]Note: This topic is subject to amendment by Admin or The Guides team at any time.[/SIZE]

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