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Aug 13, 2019
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Hiya, I don't keep up with the Tama news all that well, but I've been keeping my eye out for an English localization of Fantasy Meets ever since it dropped, and it doesn't seem like it's ever gonna happen. Is it something that normally takes a long time, or are they probably just planning on never localizing it?
Sadly, they've been moved onto the pix for well over a year now and there's rumors about the Tamagotchi smart getting localized, so I'd say don't hold your breath, it's more than highly unlikely. Unless the Fairy ON is the same thing; but I feel like you'd have already looked into it and know if it is or isn't.
And from my research, there isn't a patch to patch a japanese one into English. Thankfully and supposedly, you can pretty easily use them. I hear they operate the same way as the Tamagotchi On, so if you have one it'd theoretically be a natural and adjustment (I have a Magic on and a Wondergarden On, but don't own a meets myself).
Thanks for the info! I looked into it a bit and it looks like the Fairy ON is the counterpart to a different Meets device. Either way, I looked up the prices of any of the ON or Meets variants on eBay, and it's crazy how much they're going for! I can't believe I let the $60 ones on the Target shelves slip away from me. Maybe I'll have to go hunting.
Tamagotchi On: Wonder Garden is the English version of Tamagotchi Fantasy Meets. It’s missing some content though for some reason.
There's a PC program you can download to install content not natively on certain devices, however. It'll be a few days before I'll use my PC again(it's on its last leg so I try to only use it when I have several things to do so I'm not booting it up unnecessarily, my partner is in the process of building my replacement), but I can check before I reccomend the program- do you know what the missing content is?

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