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Mar 12, 2019
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I’m looking to buy one but am particular

what I’m looking for:
1: longest battery life, uses CR2032 batteries
2: not bulky/heavy
3: breeding possible
4: at least three games
5: healthy food options
6 released after 2000

Would be nice but not fussed
1: colour screen
2: English option or easy to understand even with Japanese

Based on your descriptions I can say that Tamagotchi Connections/Plus is the best choice for you. Only problem is that they’re not in color.

Tamagotchi V1,V2 and V3: they are almost the same. Difference would be that characters, games and earning money. On the V2 and V3 there’s an option for Shopping to get new items. Their Japanese equivalent are Tamagotchi Plus(V1 and V2) and Tamagotchi Keitai/Akai(V3)

Tamagotchi V4 and V4: are the same when it comes to raising your character and improve their skills. Characters on both versions are the best in my opinion. Japanese equivalent are Tamagotchi Entama(V4) and Uratama(V4.5)

Tamagotchi V5 and V5.5: I haven’t properly played with this version but based on people reviews it’s a bit dull and boring. In this version you are taking care of three family members at once. The characters are beautiful it’s just the gameplay that I don’t understand. Japanese equivalent is Tamagotchi Familitchi.

Tamagotchi Music star: one of the best connections, as you are expected to raise and train your tamagotchi to become a super star and create a band.

In my opinion I suggest either V3, V4, V4.5 or the V6 since there’s a lot of iconic characters and the concept of each version is great! ;))
Thank you both. I had a few v3 and v4 as a 12/13 year old guess I’ll go back to those. I am curious about the v5.5 due to the funny “chimney” on them which I’ve wanted since then..
On the contrary I heard the V5 is fun while the V6 is very demanding. Either way best of luck finding either of those as they are very expensive these days.

I dont have a V4, but I do have a V4.5 and recommend it. The light icon is replaced by a mail icon and the light automatically turns off at night for you on the V4.5. Sometimes I miss turning off the light at night for my tama. If you want the light on/off feature go for a V3.

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