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Jan 14, 2021
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From 2006-2011, I ran a Tamagotchi message board called Tamagotchi Cool.  We grew to a community of 1,400 members with 25-50 very active members at any given moment.  While we had the classic Tamagotchi resources - shop codes, evolution charts, debugging, version release announcements, etc. - I would say most members visited Tamagotchi Cool to simply hang out with other friendly people.  We held a lot of events and contests, and probably spent too much time testing how much customization Invisionfree could handle.  We made plenty of memories over the years, but Tamagotchi Cool suffered when Tamagotchis themselves fell out of fashion.  While we were once on the front page of Tamagotchi Topsites and featured on the official Tamagotchi website, eventually the board fell silent.  We collapsed later than TamaIsland, but earlier than TamaCraze101 and TamaZone.  Now, I think TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi message board out there, and I am pleased to see that there is still a vibrant online fanbase for this wonderful toy and franchise. 

A literal decade later - how time flies by! - I realized way too late that Invisionfree had died and my old love Tamagotchi Cool did not survive the migration to Tapatalk.  I grieved this loss, and found myself reflecting on what a wonderful 5 years I had with Tamagotchi Cool.  The people really made Tamagotchi Cool special.  My members donated banners and icons, character guides, and countless hours fighting spam bots, building relationships, and advising other members on Tamagotchi and non-Tamagotchi related matters.  Wherever they are in the world, and this list is not exhaustive, special shoutout to KasumiGirl and Lilytchi for their artwork, sweetrose, Chaowzee, SamJJE101, 619inurhouse for their energy, and teffygoh for sticking with me since the beginning. 

Tamagotchis still hold a special place in my heart - I have 11 toys in my collection and play the My Tamagotchi Forever app.  I thought to myself, if any of my former members feel the same, they might still browse TamaTalk as members or guests.  I am writing this to ask you: Were you a member of Tamagotchi Cool?  Do you remember Tamagotchi Cool?  If so, please message me.  I would love to reconnect, thank you, and hear how you are doing.  Were you involved with any similar Tamagotchi message board in the last decade?  Please comment and share your experience.  There used to be a ton of Tamagotchi message boards out there - all wonderful, passionate, unique communities.  I hope they will never be forgotten.