Lost most of my tamas.


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Jan 30, 2018
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I'm really sad right now. I think that most of my collection is gone.

I have been collecting since I was 18 (10 years ago now). I had nearly one of every model, save for a few of the really old, expensive ones (Devilgotchi, Umino, Mori, Santaclautchi).

I went through a phase where I tried to be a minimalist and let go of a big chunk of my collection, leaving only:

iD L E - Purple
iD L 15th Anniversary, Purple
P's, mint
A collection of 10 deco pierces (the ones I was interested in)
Tamatown Tama-Go, black
Handful of Tamatown figures
4U, white
Blue and purple jewel wrist straps for the 4U
Bunch of 4U faceplates including some really rare ones like the green kuchipatchi donut one, I remember scouring the net and paying quite a bit to get the rare ones shortly after they came out.
Some 4U Touch Cards
4U+, green
Friends, blue/white with stars
Dreamtown, blue with floral design
Mix, Sanrio version

I stopped playing with tamas regularly, but I still bought the ones I was interested in upon release which is how I then ended up with the Sanrio meets and white On.

I just moved last month and I've been unpacking, I can only find my two iD Ls, the Sanrio meets and Sanrio mix. So now I have those 3 and my Niziu Smart. I don't know where the rest went. I can't find the box for the life of me, I've turned the apartment inside out and upside down. I really think they are gone for good. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life stuff and I like to go through my things to get a sense of control (decide what to keep, what to sell). And I am forgetful. I think I might have sold them and forgot that I did. But I really didn't think I had it in me to get rid of something I spent so many years carefully curating... I feel so torn up inside. I remember looking at my collection so many times (even though I barely played with it in the past 2 years) thinking how proud I was and how I would keep them for the rest of my life.

What I really miss the most is my 4U faceplate collection, the Tama-Go and my P's. Maybe I'll buy them again, I don't know what to do really. I already went through losing most of the items from my childhood, and to think that I could've given away the bulk of my collection without remembering it... that's so upsetting.

Thank you for reading if you made it to the bottom. I'm sorry this is sad and heavy, but I really needed to get it out there, and I don't think others would understand how important these silly little eggs are.


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Jun 12, 2022
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I'm sorry you're having to go through this! When I was moving out of my parent's house at 19 (we were all moving out of my childhood home due to unfortunate circumstances), I was so angry and overwhelmed I gave away / threw out so many of my belongings. My tamas, and some other collections being caught in the crossfire of that decision. It hurts looking for something and knowing it's most likely gone by your own hand.

Not trying to make it about me at all, just know you're not alone in that sad sinking feeling. We all do things we can't explain sometimes. Luckily you kept your Sanrios! Those are dreamies for so many people, myself included. :)


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May 29, 2014
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I'm sorry this happened to you not once, but twice. Things happen that are out of our control.

Be glad of your current collection! When you are ready you can start to add things back in that you still wish you had. I find that watching a Youtube video of a thing can help me decide if I really want it, or sometimes the video is enough for nostalgia. Youtube can also help you decide which one you want to start looking for first if you decide you want replacements.

I also recommend the Pix which is available now. Start fresh!

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