Mametchi's Invisipowder

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Jan 22, 2012
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Note: I found this old fanfiction I wrote in one of my notebooks from 2011. I decided to post it here for everyone to read because even though it's terribly written and with major plot holes, it's sort of funny. I was about 12 when I wrote it.

One day, Mametchi was busy making laughing powder. It was mean to make you laugh when you touch it. It was almost finished...

Suddenly, Chamametchi burst into his room with Hapihapitchi flying by her side.

"Please play with us!" Chamametchi begged.

"Play, aroo!" Hapihapitchi barked.

Chamametchi was careless and bumped into Mametchi just as he was adding the last ingredient. It spilled all over his desk, and not a drop ended up in the container.

"Now look what you did," Mametchi scolded. "I don't have any left for my special powder."

"Use this instead," Chamametchi suggested. She grabbed a random test tube that was sitting on the desk and poured the contents into Mametchi's mixture.

"Argh!" Mametchi moaned. There was a miniature explosion in the dish, and soon all that remained was a peculiar white powder.

"You did it, Chamametchi, aroo!" Hapihapitchi praised, doing a somersault in midair.

"She ruined it!" Mametchi retorted. "I'll test it anyway."

He poured the powder on himself, but nothing seemed to happen.

"You've vanished!" Chamametchi gasped.

Mametchi looked at his hands. They weren't there. "You're right, Chamametchi. Now I'll be invisible forever, all because of you."

"Never fear, big bro," Chamametchi said. "Now you can watch movies for grown-ups without Mamametchi and Papamametchi knowing."

That made Mametchi laugh. Suddenly, he appeared again. "I see! I wanted to make laughing powder, but instead I ended up with vanishing powder that stops working when you laugh."

"Hurrah! Let's call it invisipowder," Hapihapitchi cheered, clapping her paws, "aroo!"

"I have an idea," Chamametchi stated happily. "Let's make more and sell it."

"Good idea!" Mametchi remarked, and they set to work making more invisipowder.

The next day after school, they sold jars of invisipowder to some of their friends for 200 Gotchi each. Then they went home and counted out their money.

"1,400 Gotchi!" Mametchi announced. "Come on, Chamametchi. Let's tell Mama and Papa."

Meanwhile, Uwasatchi has turned herself invisible and was listening to some gossip.

"Guess what," Imotchi was telling Kikitchi. "Himetchi believes in fairies and..."

Uwasatchi burst out laughing and appeared in front of Imotchi and Kikitchi. The two kids got mad at her and chased her away. This annoyed Uwasatchi because she wanted to hear the rest of the rumor.

The Spacy Brothers had used the invisipowder to sneak into a prohibited place. But when Spacytchi practiced his evil laugh, some guards saw him and sent him away, leaving Pipospetchi and Akaspetchi all alone since they had not laughed and were still invisible.

As for the Eco-Usatchi Triplets, they were invisible so they could spy on their crush, Kuromametchi. It was so much fun that they all giggled. It was only a small giggle, but enough to make them appear in plain sight. Kuromametchi stared at them and they were so ashamed, they skedaddled.

The next day, everyone returned the Invisipowder to Mametchi and explained what had happened. He decided that it wasn't such a great invention after all and threw it out. However, when Mametchi poured the powder into the garbage, the bin vanished.

"Now what will I do?" Mametchi moaned. "Bins can't laugh."

So all the money Mametchi and Chamametchi earned ended up being spent on a new bin.


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