memetchi the movie 3 Fanfic


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Nov 1, 2022
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I saw other people doing this so basically you have to contiune the story

One day, Memetchi was walking down the street with Flowertchi and Makiko. Memetchi says, "It was fun shopping today!" Flowertchi replies "It sure was Memetchi!" Makiko doesn't say anythig. "Whats wrong, Makiko? Its not like you to be this silent." Memetchi says. Makiko's frown turns into a smile and she laughs in a weird way. "Makiko why are you laughing, did we say something that you find funny?" Makiko finally says "No no no no no, its just that.." she drops her shopping bags on the ground and she runs away laughing the same way she did before. "Weird! Makiko ran away for some reason" Memetchi says as she lifts the shopping bags up. Meanwhile, Makiko says to herself "I'm going to do something that everyone, especially Memetchi, is not going to like!" and she does the weird laugh again.

No killing
Mild Violence is allowed but only stuff like punching kicking slapping no knife and gun stuff
Do not do OP mode like dont make it like "Oh no the evil Makiko troll is arrived dont worry I made it go away"
Dont add inapropriate things
Only tamagotchi characters
Dont ruin it (Example: And the whole universe explodes the end or everyone dies the end)
Dont make it go off the plot