Mimitchi vs. Mametchi (part two)

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Jan 22, 2012
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This is the last part. :wacko:

Mimitchi said, "Let's see who's strongest! BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAA!"

Mimitchi was fat AND strong. She could lift weights. But Mametchi could not. He dropped them on Mimitchi's feet.

"OW!" Mimitchi squealed. "You did that on purpose! You win the 'meanest' contest!"

"HOORAY!" said Mametchi. "Now let's do the yellowest contest!"

Of course, Mametchi won because he was yellow.

"The whitest contest!" Mimitchi declared. But Mametchi painted himself all white and won.

"Dummy!" Mimitchi snapped. "Let's see who can hold their breath the longest!"

Mimitchi was nice and fat and could hold her breath for hours so she won.

"Let's see who's the lightest!" Mametchi said. Mimitchi was heavier, so Mametchi won.

This went on for ages until Lovelitchi came along.

"Don't you see, you idiots?" she said. "NEITHER of you are the best because you are wasting your time with pointless contests."

So Lovelitchi became the mascot instead of Mametchi or Mimitchi.

"You know what, Mimitchi?" Mametchi said. "We BOTH win the 'stupidest' contest."

"Hooray," said Mimitchi.

The end. -_-

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