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Apr 30, 2022
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California, U.S.
I'm back to do another log! I'm running my Mothra Tama for the first time and figured I would do a log for it. I know very little about the Mothras. Since the instructions were all in Japanese, I looked them up in English to at least make sure I generally know what I'm doing in caring for it (very similar to standard classic Tamas), but I still don't know much about what to expect.

It's newly opened and running on the original 1997 batteries. Still amazes me that every '90s Tama that I've bought new/unopened has worked on the original batteries. That's less common with Giga Pets and other brands in my experience (they are more likely to have battery corrosion).

For anyone who doesn't know, Mothra is a creature from some of the Godzilla movies and dates back to the early '60s.

Anyway, here we go. As usual, I'll post my photos as thumbnails, so if you'd like to see them full-size, make sure to click them.


Here's a video of the hatch. Definitely unique and I love it! I love that it includes the two fairies that sing to Mothra.

View attachment mothravid1.mp4

The two fairies also sing to the Mothra when it gets sick; the fairies function like the medicine icon on a regular Tama. My Mothra has already gotten sick twice on its first day.

It's asleep for the night. Current age is 1 and weight is a whopping 23 tons. It's on its second evolution; it started as larvae and has evolved to what I think is a caterpillar stage.

First/larval form:


Second/caterpillar form:


I enjoy its game. I'll post a video of that tomorrow or when I have time.

I don't think it has called for discipline (or "justice") at all today. I've had the sound on and had it near me throughout the day, so I don't think I missed any calls. So the justice meter currently is at zero, but I've been keeping the hunger and happiness meters up.

Like a regular Tama, it was more needy in its first/baby form. After its first evolution, the meters have been emptying much more slowly, thank God.
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Mothra is now on its third evolution (another caterpillar form), age 3, and weighing in at 34 tons. Would be heavier if I was using more treats and less game-playing with it. I enjoy playing the game most of the time, but I use treats instead once in a while.


I find the game pretty fun. You guess which hole he's hiding in. Here's a video showing it eating a meal and then me playing a round of the game. This video was from before he evolved to his current third form. I think he looks cuter when he eats now.
View attachment mothravid1.mp4

And now I've had a chance to use the discipline feature (called "justice" for Mothra) a few times. He is destroying a tower, I think. It looks like he's just eating it. His discipline meter is the majority full now. I think I've been doing well at catching the calls for discipline/justice so far.

View attachment mothravid3.mp4
DAY 8 (I think)

Yesterday, Mothra evolved into moth form.

I guess this screen I photographed here showed the cocoon, but it's kinda weird. It didn't really look like a cocoon to me. It looked more like Mothra grabbing or attacking a tower or something. It stayed like this for a while (an hour?) before it evolved into a moth.


And here's a video showing the moth form after evolution:

View attachment mothravid1.mp4

It looks like a pretty happy and cute moth, so I think I got a good character evolution. I've been keeping its scores up.
Age is 8, and it's reached maximum weight at 99 tons. Big boy.

My Mothra passed away a couple of days ago at age 16. I hadn't quite been keeping up the same level of care the last couple of days before it passed.


I'm going to reset it sometime in the next couple of days and raise it differently. I think I'll skip disciplining it or limit the discipline and see how it evolves. I think it will evolve into a bad Mothra if I don't keep up the justice meter by disciplining it when it attacks towers. I'll post updates when I do the second run.

Speaking of Mothra, I saw the new Godzilla and Kong movie today not knowing that Mothra would be in this one. It was kind of cool to see Mothra in it.

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