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Oct 23, 2005
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I got new tamas today! They are a Entama and a uratama.

The Entama is a Memezoku boy, named Shima.

And the Uratama is a Mamezoku girl, named Kushi.


They are both still babies. Memeotchi and UraMamekotchi.


I'm going for Shimashimatchi and UraZukyutchi.

Well, maybe. I could always get Togetchi....

They are going to evolve into toddlers in about half an hour!! They will be so cute!!

Then I hope that Shima turns into Hinotamatchi and Kushi into YoungMarotchi. But the sandals one is okay, too.


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Okay, so Shima and Kushi just evolved!! Kushi evolved about 7 minutes before Shima though...

Well anyways, Kushi is a S***pokotchi. The first 4 letters spell, er, bad word together. That S-word. Also, even regarding her character's name, she is a VERY cute tama character.

And Shima is a Memebotchi. Of course. I think that's very cute!! Not as cute as the character Kushi is, though!!

They are sleeping now.

BYE!! See you tomorrow!!


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