need help with tamagotchi gen 1

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Jun 21, 2022
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Hello. My tamagotchi keeps dying after 3 days!
So, i bought a tamagotchi gen 1. I started playing with it, but didnt really understeand how to take care of my tamagotchi. After 4-5 days, i read the instruction. So, i resetted my tamagotchi that was like 4 years old, so i can raise it better. 3 days pass by, i taked care of my tamagotchi really mutch. I always had it near me, so i can check thier hearts. I was away for like around 10 minutes. I come back and see its dead! I resetted it again. I was taking care of it even better, now, it died again, at the age of 3, of the same time of the last death 3 days ago. I dont know what to do. I cried so much..
Please help me with this..