New Gigapet Compukitty loses stats at a normal rate when it's asleep at night?


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Jul 27, 2022
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Janesville, WI
So I recently started up the new compukitty from the compukitty/starcat combo thinking it was going to be a replica of the old compukitty since the advertisement used words like classic and nostalgic and such... I'm not sure if my kitty is just bugged or if it's supposed to be impossible to keep new Gigapets at 100% but there's definitely a few weird things going on.

First is that he continues losing his stats as he sleeps at night. I put him to bed when he asked (at around 9:30pm) with full 100s on all stats, and when morning came his hunger, discipline, and happiness were all 0 and his health was at 30! I'm hoping this is just some bug because it's kind of a game breaker for me.

When he is asleep, if you press ANY button at all, he will wake up. Even if you try to move the arrow to select the stats screen just to see if he's losing stats or not, he'll immediately wake up, meow at you, and have lowered stats anyway from being woken up midsleep. Old compukitty at least lets you check stats during sleep.

Once his health is lowered from his overnight sleep, it seems impossible to get it back up again. Currently the bath and ambulance icons are flashing, indicating his low 30 health, but when I click on bath he just frowns at me because he's already had one (which only raises health by 1 per bath, btw) and won't let you do another until some arbitrary time when he allows you to select it again for yet another single health point. As for the ambulance, even though it's flashing, when I select it it takes him to the hospital but it does aboslutely nothing for his stats - good or bad. So between the 1-2 baths per half hour he lets me give him, he continues to lose health because the points drop faster than the baths gain new ones. It's so frustrating I feel like it must be bugged or there's some silly roundabout trick.

You have to feed him a treat every time he does a trick, instead of just the first time. If you don't, he frowns. Since trick+treat raises discipline, happiness, and food, you basically don't get to do much in regards to play and regular food unless you want to skip the training route and just randomly discipline him :(

So... is anyone running compukitty and knows what's going on? I've tried looking up info but it seems everyone who got one went straight for the starcat so there's no info out there.


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Dec 23, 2017
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I don't have the Compukitty/StarCat, but do have the Unicorn, and what you describe sounds normal for the modern Giga Pets. They don't use the same (much-maligned) programming as the originals, and play differently.


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May 29, 2014
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They released a new starcat-compukitty that fixes this problem. That means you gotta buy a new one though 🤦‍♀️. Apparently you can get a discount if you email them with proof of purchase but 🤷‍♀️

If you do get a new just be sure it has that star emblem that says ‘includes 2 pets”. The old box doesn’t have that.


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