new to tamas and tamatalk :p

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Mar 1, 2022
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hi im new to tamas and tamatalk; recently just got into buying these lil thangs and now i have a tama iD an pix, and have a m!x coming in the mail in a month. im rly new to tamas; nevr allowed to have them so now im just getting into it, the pix is rly easy for me to maneuver, but i have an issue. i dont have many friends irl, and the ones i do have arent into tamas, and on my iD, i need to connect via ir w another tama iD to get my chamametchi's ma stamp (i only have ta and to, and well they said i'll get mo in 72 hrs, but uh ive had chamametchi for like a week and still havent gotten my mo...idk wat im doing wrong.) sooo this is all kinda confusing and im starting to feel like my tama iD purchase was a waste, even tho its rly fun to play it, cus i have no1 to connect w. hh ya thts it :3 if anyone wants to b friends pls msg me im always looking for em an teach me da world of tamassszzzs