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Dec 21, 2004
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The posting or advertising of personal links is forbidden anywhere on TamaTalk.

(sites / forums / chat rooms / other similar)

Unfortunately, TamaTalk has experienced a huge number of topics and posts by members trying to advertise their own web sites or linking members directly to their own sites and away from TamaTalk.

Sadly it really spams up the forums and added to that many members are trying to advertise their sites to others by using the PM system and spamming other members' in boxes.

What does this mean?

1. Personal links are NOT to be included when making posts on the forums - including "look at the link in my siggy" / or "read about my topic/(link to site) here".

2. You are NOT to PM other members asking them to visit your website/forum/other.

3. You are NOT to request visits to your own site/personal link on the main TamaCHAT window or via private message on TamaCHAT.

What is a personal link?

We define this as any internet website where you or someone else you know (friend/family/acquaintence) derives personal benefit by another member clicking on the prescribed link.

Examples of these links are:

* Personal homepages - this includes freewebs, myspace, msn space, blogagotchi, facebook, tumblr, instagram, etc, etc.
* Non-professional forums / chat rooms
* Popularity contests - e.g. Zooreeka, Kevan brain eating etc.
* Referral links - e.g. Neopets where points are gained by having users sign up through your link

What kind of links can I post?

If the link you are posting will not result in personal gain then you are free to post it. If the link simply takes our members to your own site and content - please don't post it.

General interest, educational and entertainment sites are ok (provided they are suitable for all ages).

If you wish to reference a piece of information to help answer a question that is fine however, you will be expected to link directly and the contents to be factual.

Posting links to conversations on other forums, the main page or a stated opinion by a friend or reputable member is not acceptable.

Where can I post my personal links?

You are welcome to use your ownl signature message and / or profile to advertise, promote or show off your website / personal link.

Remember that all links must be clearly identified so members know what they are going to - any deception is considered a prank and not acceptable.

Remember that we also have Tamagotchi Topsites which has been designed to promote traffic to your website.

What if I see someone advertising?

On the forum:

Click the "Report" button found on the bottom right hand of every post or send a PM to a Guide with a link to the offending post. Please avoid making posts pointing it out as it counts as a form of SPAM - see type 2b in What is SPAM?

Via PM:

Next to the "Reply" button on the top right hand side of the PM, there is the "Forward" button. Click on that and address the PM to a Guide... we will take care of it from there.

On TamaChat:

Highlight the section of text you are concerned about and then copy (ctrl + C) & paste (ctrl + v) into a new PM to a Guide. See How to: Report a Member on TamaChat for more details.

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