not sure if this is a TMI or an introduction, but hi! :>


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Jun 30, 2022
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hi hi hi! knickknacks here, i go by she/her and have a bad addiction for watching tiktoks and going on a late night shopping... which quite sums up the reason i'm here tbh. i used to have a v3 back in the olden days, and then probably a knockoff hello kitty one, and another knockoff because honestly it wasn't (and still isn't) fairly easy to get one around where i live, but then little me realized that i sucked at raising a vpet so the hobby was quickly forgotten.

fast forward to a few weeks ago, 25 year old me was scrolling my brains off of tiktok before bed, lo and behold, i discovered this tiktok page that singlehandedly revived my long forgotten hobby. now i have a smart, a blue fairy on, and a white sweets meets due to arrive this sunday! still looking for a yellow v3 on the market just to please my inner child, but in the meantime, i figured making friends and connecting with the community would be great as well.

nice meeting you all, and i hope your day is going swell! :tarakotchi: