On My Own

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Aug 21, 2006
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Right around the corner
That night I was restless, but my tears were cleared up. I woke up to Kimmy's depressed face, she must have been sad my mom was gone too. Her sadness turned to a smile after she started playing with me. It got my mind off everything for a while as we had a good time and had breakfast.

"I hope your going to be just like your mom Sudri." commented Kimmy. I gave a long satified beep. "Well, it's time for school!" announced Kimmy, and I beeped excitedly. School was always something I looked forward too. Kimmy would bring me in class and connect with her friends all the time. She swung her blond hair out of her face and put me in her backpack.

I took a short snoze as the bus hit some bumps and turned some curves. Kimmy was sitting with her best friend Keisha as they talked about Tamagotchis. Keisha had a tamagotchi too, her name was Mayla. She was a year older than me, but she was very nice to me. I was dreading the fact I had to tell her about my mom, but she was my best friend, I had to tell her sooner or later.

We were at school and Kimmy ran off the bus with Keisha as they both ran into the school. She turned my noise onto silent as she snuck me into class. School was so fun, especailly learning new things. My mom would always teach me this kinda stuff like colours and everything, so the teacher brought back great memories.

"Let's connect!" whispered Keisha and Kimmy took me out of her pocket and connected me with Mayla. She decided to come over, I needed to talk to her.

"Mayla, my mom went away last night!" I exclaimed, and she gasped. "Oh my gosh, i'm so sorry!" she said and patted me on the back. "My dad went away a little while back too before you were born. I miss him alot but I know he will always love me." she said. Mayla's coments always made me feel better. "Thanks Mayla," I said. "You're a great friend..." "No problem. I better get back, see ya later!" she called and she went back.

What she said made me think. If she survived this I could too.. I felt so bad for her, Mayla had to go through the same thing. I cried a little outloud and I made a beep! "Sudri, I thought I turned off your sound!" she whispered, and she lifted her head, the teacher was right there.

"Is that a toy in my class room??" she asked. Kimmy was frightened. "Yes, but it's my pet!" she exclaimed. "No buts, it's a toy, I must take it away." she said, and she pulled me away from Kimmy. "Please, he can't be left alone, he will die!" she cried. Die? That never crossed my mind! Now I was almost in tears, what else could go wrong....