Pix glitch?

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Pom Pom Puricorn

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Apr 7, 2022
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I'm not much for forms, but I found this one while I was trying and failing to find an answer to my question and thought I might give it a go asking here. I recently picked up a used pix off ebay for a quite reasonable price. Despite arriving covered in a suspicious gray sticky substance it worked just fine. The touch buttons are like... a bit hit or miss, but I understand that's pretty normal for the pix.

So, I was playing with it the other night and the low battery icon comes up. I found I could turn it on and see the room and my tamagotchi for a few seconds before the low battery screen came up. I didn't think much of it and put it away so I could change out the batteries the next day.

But the next day I turned it on and my tamagotchi was dead. Now it just shows the little gravestone, no low battery screen at all.

Is this usual for it? I know my other color tamagotchis save the data right before the low battery screen comes up so your tamagotchi is fine untill you throw in new batteries. Does the pix not do that? Or was this a weird glitch?