Rest In Pepperonis ~ Paccy, Ms. Paccy, And Several Unnamed Tamas


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Feb 3, 2023
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Background Info: I have the Pac-Man Tamagotchi Nano. This explains the Pac-Man themed names.
Name: Paccy
DOB: January 6th 2023
DOP: January 20th 2023
My Final Words To You:
Paccy, my first ever tama. I love you so much and no tama will ever replace you. At first I only got you because I meant it as a joke, but I grew to see you as my child. Please forgive me for accidently forgetting about you during your elder years.
Name: Ms. Paccy
DOB: January 20th 2023
DOP: I forgot lol
My Final Words To You:
After the passing of Paccy, I resetted and got you, my first (and as of writing this, my only) female tamagotchi. I consider you to be the first one I cared for since birth. I am so sorry that I neglected you for a couple hours. I thought you were well fed and were happy. I guess I was wrong.
Honorable Mentions: The 5 Tamas that Died Too Young
I don't know why, but after the death of Ms. Paccy, the tamagotchi was being very glitchy and would kill you for no reason. I'm sorry. The latest tama, Charles will live a long, meaningful life in your honor. (Nevermind. Charles died at 7:46 tonight.)
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