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Apr 28, 2022
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As already discussed in the Introductions section, I'd like to show you a little game I made. It's inspired by the good old tamagotchi and improved in some modern way.
I'm afraid the full version is not free, because I am just a small solo dev who spent a lot of time and money in the assets. However, there is a free demo that you can play as long as you like. This way you can get a first impression if you like the game at all. If it meets your taste, I would of course be very happy if you buy it. Every little support helps me to add more features and make the game even better!

Of course I'm also very happy to get any feedback!

So here comes the ultimate pet simulator with a sea cucumber! For all those who have always wanted a sea cucumber as a pet!


Decide between 3 different, lovingly designed sea cucumbers. Every sea cucumber is unique and has different needs. Take care of your sea cucumber by feeding it, training it and keeping its aquarium clean.

How long do you manage to keep your sea cucumber alive?


- lovingly designed, hand pixeled sea cucumbers and backgrounds

- music specially adapted for this game

- three different types of sea cucumber to choose from. Each has its own needs

- Give your sea cucumber its own name!

- "High score" indicator. How long does your sea cucumber live?

- automatic saving

- In-Game help

Addiction factor included!

This game is not yet finally finished. I will add more features!

Limitations of the demo:​

You can choose only 1 out of 3 different sea cucumbers. The entire game is still the same!

Genre: Pet Simulation​

Control: Mouse​

Platform: PC, Windows​

Languages: German, English​








You can also follow me on twitter or join my discord (it's mostly german, but looking to grow international).

One more thing I have to say. I'm currently working on an incredibly large list of improvements (different types of food, more ways to interact with your pet, different settings for the aquarium). Partially these things are already visible on the screenshots above, but when you download the game they are not there yet. The new version 2.0 will be released in June at the latest. Itch, however, manages it that you get unlimited access to all future updates after purchase. Just to let you know.

Here is the trailer for the new version:



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Apr 23, 2022
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Thank you for uploading your work!

I'll possibly have a look at buying the game, and will definitely download the demo when I get on my computer. Very excited to try it out!

(Sorry, I just realised I'm late to this :( I haven't been checking down here so often.)


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May 2, 2022
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This is so cute! I'm gonna def get this when I'm not putting every penny towards new tamas :LOL:
(watch me cave and get it anyways in like five seconds)


Apr 28, 2022
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I'll possibly have a look at buying the game, and will definitely download the demo when I get on my computer. Very excited to try it out!

This is so cute!

Thank you both so much, this really means a lot to me! :love:
I hope you like it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Working on the beta right now and having some new ideas in the head for even more fun :cool:


Apr 28, 2022
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I just thought it would be fun if rpg maker games had a CD and a real case with a cover to put it in the shelf.

So here it is:



Apr 28, 2022
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Update 2.0 "Love me, Sea Cucumber" is done!

Hello, sea cucumber lovers around the world!

First of all: The full version has become more expensive. Not because I want to get rich with it (as if that would be possible with a hobby RPG Maker project), but because I've been working on it almost tirelessly for the last months and I don't see why I should just "give away" the finished game. I think an RPG Maker game doesn't have to hide just because it's an RPG Maker game. And honestly, how often have you thought "Oh, that's cheap, it can't be any good" when buying a certain product? Or do you know the phrase "if you buy cheap, you buy twice"? That may not necessarily apply to entertainment media. But the core of the statement that a cheap product is usually also a bad one can also apply here, or at least give the potential buyer the feeling that he is buying inferior goods. Besides - and this is probably the most important thing - the demo is still free and always will be! Absolutely everything in the game can be played with the demo. The only exception: you can only choose one sea cucumber (the pink one) and none of the other species.

So, now for the patch. What has changed? Honestly - everything. This is a completely new game and has practically nothing to do with the old 1.0.

The changes in short:

- 8 new food types, each with different values in terms of satiety, nutritional value and satisfaction.

- 3 new interactions with the sea cucumber (pet, train, play)

- 5 different interactions with the aquarium: you have to clean it, pay attention to the water temperature, pH, water quality and salinity

- the sea cucumber can get sick, be annoyed by insects or be examined by you

- 11 new music tracks, which together with the original song now make a selection of 12 songs, between which the player can freely choose

- tutorial and help book included



Sadly I can't edit my first post (or at least I don't know how).

Full list of patchnotes (this is really a lot of text)

- Lots of new features added (feeding, sea cucumber interactions, adjusting aquarium values).
- The new features unlock gradually so as not to overwhelm the player.
However, there is an option to unlock everything immediately.
If this is enabled, it will be pointed out at the start of the game to avoid accidentally setting it wrong.
- A tutorial has been added to explain the functions to new players.
If the tutorial is active at the same time as the option to unlock everything immediately, it will be pointed out.
- Added 8 different types of food, each with different values in saturation, nutritional value and satisfaction.
- Each type of food has a specific nutritional value.
At the end of the day, half of the nutritional value eaten is broken down and 10% of that half is converted to health.
However, if the nutritional value is 0, the sea cucumber's health drops by 1 point.
- The sea cucumber can be petted, which has a positive effect on its satisfaction once a day (after that it has no effect).
- The sea cucumber can be examined to see its exact values, which are otherwise not visible.
- You can play with the sea cucumber. The mini-game consists of 5 units, for which you have to press a certain key.
The mini-game has once a day effect on the satisfaction of the sea cucumber (positive if managed and negative if not).
A short wait command has been added between the units so that you don't accidentally press them too quickly in succession.
A picture is displayed explaining the controls.
- After a certain time (randomly controlled) an insect appears and annoys the sea cucumber.
At the first sting (which cannot be prevented) the sea cucumber loses satisfaction.
The insect can be chased away, otherwise the sea cucumber has a 50% chance of getting sick at the beginning of a new day.
- The sea cucumber can have several diseases at once.
- The sea cucumber loses 5 points of health per day it is sick and per disease it has.
- Diseases can be cured by giving the sea cucumber medicine.
- For every 10% lack of cleanliness, the water quality decreases by 1% per day.
- The water temperature changes plus/minus 0-3°C every day (randomly controlled).
For every degree the temperature deviates from the sea cucumber's comfort temperature, the sea cucumber's health decreases by 1 point per day.
- The pH of the water increases by 0.0 to 0.3 per day (randomized).
For each point (integer) that the pH is lower than the target value, the health of the sea cucumber decreases by 1 point per day.
For each point (integer) that the pH is higher than the target value, the water quality decreases by 1% per day and the sea cucumber has a 50% chance of becoming sick.
- Peat lowers pH by 0.5 and hydrochloric acid fluid lowers pH by 1.5.
- Ventilation increases the pH by 0.3.
- Water quality drops by 1-3% each day (randomized).
- Once quality drops below 90% (10% as a buffer), sea cucumber health drops 1 point per day for every 10% of quality missing.
- Since quality does not have an effect until below 90%, the indicator on the display will not turn orange until below 90%.
- Water purifier increases water quality by 10% and filter bacteria by 30%.
- The salinity of the aquarium decreases every day between 0.0 and 0.1 (randomly controlled).
If the salinity is too high or too low, the health of the sea cucumber decreases by 5 points per day.
If the salinity is too low, the salt rings :D
- The pump can be turned on and off manually. The water animation adjusts accordingly.
- If the pump is off, the pH and water quality will go down continuously.
- The pump can break after a certain time (randomly controlled between 15 and 30 minutes).
If the timer runs out, the chance that the pump will really break is 40%.
Each time it does not break, the interval decreases by 2 minutes.
If it does break, the accumulated trigger timer (the cumulative 2 minutes) is halved so it doesn't break too often.
- The sea cucumber's satisfaction decreases by 2 points per day.
If "Examine" has been unlocked, it drops 4 points each day.
- If the satisfaction drops below 15 (you start with 25), the sea cucumber moves slower and refuses to eat.
- Uneaten food must first be removed (via "Clean") so that new food can be fed.
- Food that is not eaten will spoil after 1-3 minutes and must be removed (via "Clean").
- Cleanliness goes down by 10% per day if spoiled food is lying around.
- The game speed can no longer be changed.

- Added a bar to indicate health.
If the sea cucumber is sick, the health bar turns green.
- Added a display that shows live aquarium values (cleanliness, temperature, pH, quality, salinity).
If a value is not in the optimal range, the color on the display changes and an exclamation mark is displayed behind that value.
- The HUD revised, the buttons redesigned and reordered.
Buttons that pop up are marked with an arrow.
The buttons for pH and water quality show how much the value is changed.
- Added new feeding animations.
- Added a petting animation.
- Food that is not eaten spoils and stinks.
- Animations created for chasing the insect, heating and cooling the temperature, increasing ventilation, using peat, salt fluid, water purifier, filter bacteria and salt.
- The help menu has been completely redesigned and is now a book.
- The background of the graveyard has been redesigned.
- There is now a rusty K.R. I sitting in the aquarium :)
- Every 10 days a starfish appears, which runs over to the pineapple.
- Graphical adjustments made to the title screen.
- Windowskin adjusted.
- Fixed pixel errors in the background.

- A new piece of music for playing (mini-game) has been added.
- Added a new selection menu for background music. You can now choose between 12 different songs.
- A sound effect is now played when the sea cucumber grows.

Other changes:
- Hints about the controls are displayed when starting the game.
- The loading screen has been revised as there is only 1 slot.
- Autosave right at the start of day 1 has been added back.
- When entering names, a hint is now displayed that you can right click to delete characters.
- Once the sea cucumber's life expectancy is reached, its health drops by 2 points per day (it used to be only 1 point), to avoid that the health can be rebuilt too easily through the eaten nutritional value.
- After the death of the sea cucumber, all values are displayed as an aid to what might have been done wrong.
- The life expectancy of the individual sea cucumber species has been significantly reduced
(as an example: the brown-spotted sea cucumber now lives only 200 days instead of 420).
In return, all species now grow up faster.
- The balancing of all food types has been changed again (from 1.9 beta to 2.0).
They now fill the stomach much more, so you can't feed as much.
- As the sea cucumber grows up, its food requirements increase a bit.
- The menu has been slightly restructured. The version number and the link to the download are now in the credits.
- The cheat menu that was included for testing purposes has been removed.

- Removed the black line that appeared when zooming in.
- Fixed a bug where the music would get louder when clicking on the graveyard.
- Changed the text when quitting
(previously: "Really quit without saving?", this was confusing because you can no longer save manually).
- When the sea cucumber died, some values were displayed in the minus range. These are now indicated as 0.

- Brought all audio files to a consistent volume.
- Some sound effects made a bit quieter.
- Removed Zion logo and replaced it with the video.
- The link to the (old) homepage now goes directly to itch.
- Replaced the credit entry of Enterbrain with Gotcha Gotcha Games and changed the link.
- Added names of the 2.0 beta testers in the credits.


Apr 28, 2022
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Oh, I almost forgot (I'm sorry!):
There is a summer sale with a 55% discount at the moment.
Ends in 7 days, so there still is time left for all those who want to raise their own sea cucumber 🙂


Apr 28, 2022
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I am very proud to present the new update!

The sea cucumber now speaks a total of four languages - after German and English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese have now been added!

I almost didn't make it in the promised time. When I made the announcement 3 weeks ago, I had completely forgotten that I wouldn't even be home for four whole days. That totally messed up my schedule. But after some very busy and sweaty days I luckily made it - here it is now, the new translated version!

Full patch notes for 2.1:

- Translation plugin replaced, fixing three minor bugs. (Support for more than three languages, language selection at the start of the game was not reflected in the options menu, character names can now be translated)

- Corrected three typos in the English version.
- Spanish translation added.
- Added translation into Brazilian Portuguese.

As always, if you want to find out if the game is something for you, you can play the free demo (directly in the browser or download it).

Link to the game.


Apr 28, 2022
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56 games as a bundle on special offer - probably the biggest bundle of german indie games ever!

We - in total 21 german-speaking developers from germany and austria - have joined forces and put together a mega-bundle with our self-created indie games!

We are talking about 56 games, I repeat and emphasize: SIXTY-FIVE! Of course, my sea cucumber is participating :giggle:

Yes man, you'll have something to do for a while :cool:

Some games are finished full versions, others are still in the demo phase. Some are only in german, others are multilingual.

The bundle is only $4.99, which is a savings of 87%, and is available on Itch.

But beware, there is a limited time, the offer expires in May. So it's worth being quick!

If you want to support us in any other way or beyond the 4.99, feel free to leave a like, a comment or a rating for one of the games. Every little action improves the visibility of our games.

Thank you for your support :love:

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