Since there is no "Bootleg Virtual Pets" section of this site, I am posting about this weird thing here

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Aug 22, 2020
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I have figured out the mystery that is the Poppy the Troll vpet. It was only sold in the UK and Europe (and maybe the UAE, because I found a listing on their amazon) (despite Trolls being a bigger franchise in the US) and it's unauthorized, it does have a Poppy sprite that looks like something Hasbro made, but looking at several listings on various UK and German sites, they list different manufacturers, UAE's Amazon says it's made by Goliath, while some random UK site said it was Hasbro, so it's probably unauthorized. There are also 3 screenshots, the mentioned partying and hugging, and a new edition to this family, d e a t h.

If you wanna see if it's real and live in the UAE, here you go:

UPDATE: They did make a US version under Goliath, it's shaped like Poppy's body instead of her head
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