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Hello again ~*

Lots has happened since my last post, I ended up taking the batteries out of my MIX and charging up my Smart. And I got several adults that I had been shooting for, yay! :)

(And yes I know I have a lot of tamas, shhhhh)


Before I get into my evolutions here's a new case I made for my smart!

The front cover has lavender inside, so it's half case half satchet.


On my smart I used the anniversary card to get Potchi, the golden retriever tama.

There are some other nostalgic cards. En tama and Kei tama but they cost $200???

I'm going to purchase bootleg ones on ebay because I NEED a colorful Togetchi <3


Sorry for the differences in picture quality, my camera is weird lol.


On my V3 I got the tama I wanted! AHHHH

I played a bunch of games with Asset after she evolved because I didn't want to win the games and undo my care mistakes while she was a teen.

I really like using all of the items I have with each new adult. More pictures of those later ~*


And on my Uni I was lucky again! Bubbletchi is super adorable, she has a lovley personality and makes cute little faces. <3

That aspect is a great addition, it changes how they move and facial expressions.

Lastly, Mimi. She's 7 now and has not put down
her sake cup once! 😑

I'm going to need Tsukkomi to come and slap that drink out of her hand pronto 🤚


I'm going to change the time after this post and see if I can make the matchmaker come with a tama from a different generation line than mine.

And other than Tamas I'm back into the swing of things. Work is stressful as always so I huff my lavender case on my breaks.

3 months ago I started grad school, got a promotion and opened a Mercari shop at the same time. How I'm alive I have no idea.

I want to be lazyyyyyy but I also need moneyyyy. 🥲

My tamagotchi's and tama content is how I cope with it all.
I was bad and ordered an Angel and Morino P1 for my collection. Oopsies how did that happen?? 👀

Buying and playing with tamas is how I reward myself. I take them with me everywhere in a little pouch like a kangaroo.

And on that note I gotta get to work, see you next time! ~*
Boy has it been a week!

It's the rainy season here so both my father and my company's basement/first floor flooded. Yikes.

Also our dog threw up from stress of back to back thunderstorms, poor thing :(

My tamas are doing well with the extra attention and I started playing Usagi Shima and Tsuki's Odyssey. I'm going to see how long I can go without making microtransactions....🤞

Both games are about rabbits, and speaking of rabbits Oliver turned 4!


Here he is relaxed and feeling safe in his rabbit bed! <3 <3 <3

When buns are secure they will sleep with their feet out. And as you see, no toe beans! That's why his room is fully carpeted so he doesn't slip and slide haha.

Ok now for my tamas!

Mimi had a baby girl, I clicked yes on the tama the matchmaker showed me but I found out they are in the same genetic line. I'll be more careful next time as I really want to raise different tamas!

Here's Mimi in her "jeans" lol


Asset had a baby boy, miss my little worm. Here are some of my fav stills of her!



I wanna boop the snoooooot 😆


When Asset used the shoe item they hopped around with one on the end of their tail. Hilarious!

As for Bubbletchi, she's doing great.


She and I are groggy in the mornings.

I ordered bootleg Kei and En tama smart cards. I would have bought the offical cards but they were...$215 on Japan You Want. ????? Why??? 🤯

If the bootleg ones corrupt my smart then so be it, I'm a greedy nostalgic tama user and I have no shame.


And I'll leave this post with another craft! I made a lemon satchet with lavender again. I take it to work and huff it during breaks. It smells sooooo good.


And thats all for now, byee ~*
I'm back!
Tamas are thriving, I had them on pause this weekend so I could go out to a rave.

Meme is an adult now!


Look how skinny those jeans are haha.

I had Meme become a firefighter, which suprisinly makes me stressed when I do bad because....its easier to make mistakes when tama lives aren't at risk.
Props to anyone who does a first responder job irl. 👏


Ass is an adult now....and I got one of my fav adults on the V3! 😆 <3 <3

I don't want them to I keep them on pause a lot.


Bubbletchi is still so cute! I found out a lot of her favorite food items. I'll list them here but you can usually find a complete one on the tama wiki!

Fav foods: veggie straws, margarita pizza, clam chowder
Fav snacks: berry sunday, waffles, pancake, apple pie, apple cake (berry DLC)


I got my bootleg smart cards in the mail, they work great! Will be ordering a 90's original card from them.
I booted up the Kei tama and got this little lady! She's super cute and I'll keep her till I get the best friend icon.

If you keep their happiness at max for a few days they give you a little bage.


I know some people don't enjoy the smart so much, one commenter on the reddit said their tama just stands listlessly in the coner...

If you tap on your tama though they will come closer and you can pet them, and do other interactions to increase happiness. ~*

At max happiness your tama jumps up and down and little red hearts come out. ♥

I always pet my tama instead of feeding snacks because its so cute! None of my other tamas let me interact this way. I think its pretty neat. :)

Each tama device I have has different things I enjoy and don't enjoy about it. Maybe someday soon I'll do a through review.

I gotta get to work now, see ya next time! :)


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Hello, hello ~*
The pollen here is thick enough to see it on your car and in the drains.

It's a bright yellow and everyone here is snotty. I've been teaching the children how to use tissues and to not pick their nose.
Not much but its honest work. LOL


Bubbletchi is 24 now, boy does time fly! I'll keep her for a little while. :)

The Sanrio Uni leaked and I'm really excited for the DLC. I'm not a big fan of the device itself but the tamas are cute and reminiscent of the Sanrio Smart card.


I liked the Sanrio character faceplates seen on the Mix and Meets version more. The bows aren't my thing!


I'm interested in the shell and DLC characters for the Devil/Angel. Will they be spliced or the original sprites?
Well see! :)

Meme had a boy and left, I named their abandoned child Leo.


Leo evolved into a party popper so I think their name fits if you understand the meaning behind the astrology sign. Lol


Ass had a baby boy as well!


I took lots of pictures...goodbye my fluffy friend!


Wooltchi has to be one of my favs on the V3. Good thing I can get them on my smart now! 😆 <3


Maidtchi gave me her badge yesterday so I married her off and got a boy!!!

I wanted boys due to the majority of the En and Kei tama card characters being boys.
Here I come togetchi!!!!! ~*

See ya!


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