So what's the deal with Gigapets?


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Personally I love the Giga pets, I had one of these first, before I ever had a Tamagotchi or any other sort of vpet. The 90's pets are harder to care for, but the newer edition pets are charming and more forgiving. I only have the Pixie at the moment, I have one of the older AR Unicorns and it is buggy, so it's a no-play for me. I don't mind the wings that much on the Pixie's shell. I hope to eventually get the Frog as well, and maybe the T-rex, too. Pixie has cute sprites and a very nice evolution line. Most of the Gigas don't really evolve that much, with the exception of the Frog, as others have said. Gigas are easy to care for, but they do require a few naps throughout the day. Hope that helps!
thanks! i was thinking of geting one, but im not to sure!
which one do u guys think is better gigapet or tamagotchi i need advice. if tama which model?? currently have gen 2 and pix
tama is def better, and i have a pix (party) as well, do you want to conect? we can post our qrs!!!