Something weird is going on...

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May 11, 2018
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In 2010 I posted on a Tamagotchi forum. I cannotnrememver what it was called or anything. But I remember posting showing off my collection at the time including some new pets I just purchased.

These new ones included a clear blue V3, a sealed black V1 and a sealed pale blue JinseiPlus V4.

These are them in the original photos I shared back 12 years ago.



Important stuff to remember:

1. I have never sold a Tamagotchi. I gave 2 away in the past maximum, but that was in the late 90s when they were everywhere, as gifts. Nothing since.

2. I live on my own. I did live with family back then, but they valued these almost as much as me and they never sold them or gave them away either especially knowing how much they meant to me. They just wouldnt. In fact they were as mystified by this as me when I told them.

3. I have, in this time since cleared my entire house head to toe. I have searched every possible place.

4. I have not moved house or took these out the house before.

These Tamagotchis are not in my collection. They are completely missing. I forgot they even EXISTED until I dug up these old photos on my hard drive.

This slis beyond ridiculous where on Earth did they go? Further more... i also had a sealed yellow and sealed brown digimon from release day i bought in 1997/1998. They are also completely missing.

Just recently I also noticed my Qpet Qulour is vanished too. ???

I just had to share this. Because I cannot relax now.


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Aug 7, 2007
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Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Want things to get even weirder? That one on the left is definitely a V1 - the writing on the packaging perfectly aligns with it being a V1, as does the shell design, so...


Why does the plastic stick out beneath the logo like on a V2? Well as it turns out, there's some (pretty rare) late V1s which used the same plastic mold the V2 would use! For some comparison, here's a standard European V1:


And (one of the) standard European V2s:


Notice how the plastic was reshaped around the "Version 2" logo? I've actually only seen a V1 with this packaging style once before:

dark blue.jpg

Very interesting to see it again, but unfortunate that they seemed to have vanished out of thin air before we could learn anything more about it!