Tama Go Hunger/Happy Glitch?

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Mar 10, 2022
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I think I'm experiencing a glitch on my Tama Go. I've replaced its batteries for the first time in, well, a while and noticed two little black characters stuck in the far left side of the screen (see photo attached). At first I thought they were dead pixels but they go away if I do something else. I didn't think much of it but then I noticed that my Tamagotchi's happiness and hunger bar was draining SUPER quickly-- it will drain one heart approximately every 5 minutes, and completely drain to zero in less than a half hour. Now I have 11 Tamagotchis total and never remembered the Tama Go being this high maintenance, it's seriously more needy than all 3 of my Music Stars unpaused at the same time!
I figured maybe I wasn't feeding him the right food, so I experimented with different snacks and meals and going to the restaurant but to no avail.
Another thing worth mentioning is that when I go to feed him, the other 2 eat as well, which makes me think he has twins? Although I don't remember him ever even getting married, it says he's 0 years old and generation 0 which just deepens the mystery. They also disappear completely if there is any poop on the screen and their expressions seem to change based on his mood. They don't really move, the bottom one will sometimes morph into the top one, but they don't move around on the screen with my main guy unless they're eating.

I'm just really confused here and don't know what's wrong! He's got full friendship and training so I don't really want to reset him-- has anyone else experienced this or know what's going on? All I can think of is that he's got some weird parasites that are draining his energy but that's probably unlikely 😅

P.S. I'm not sure if this is related, but he also never seems to sleep. It's currently 4AM here and I'm staying up until he goes to bed so I can age him up and see if that fixes the problem, since I can't leave him unattented for longer than 25 minutes. Do Tama Go's just not sleep??? Or is that another glitch? This is so annoying lol

TLDR: Tama Go's hunger and happiness are draining super quickly (1 heart every 5 mins), 2 weird characters (babies??) on the side of the screen, also never sleeps


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May 29, 2014
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I do not have a tama-go but this is really weird. When you reset does it have the option to download? If yes, have you tried a fresh reset and download?