Tamagotchi 4U: Adult does not marry at the matchmaker’s?? (Read desc.)

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Dec 6, 2021
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Help needed from 4U owners huhu
So I was away from my Tama 4U for 2 days because I was really busy, so I was unable to look after my male toddler. When I got back at night and checked my Tama, the toddler was sad, but it was sleeping so I left it. The next morning, I checked on it again and my toddler has become an adult Spacytchi. (Ahem) As my goal is just to collect all of the character badges on the 4U, I did not need to wait for Spacytchi’s 4th Tama4u (that leaf thing they get when you give them smth they really like) as I had already gotten Spacytchi before. So, I brought him to the matchmaker’s to marry another Tama and allow me to raise another Tama. However, when Spacytchi goes to the matchmaker’s, the scene played was not the one you get when you go to the matchmaker’s as an adult. It just played the cake baking scene you get if you’re a toddler visiting the place.
Is it because Spacytchi is only 3 years old? Or is it because his happiness meter needs to be up to a certain level?
(Ahem) yes, I’ve already had the 4U for a while now but tbh this is new to me hahaha :0 Anyone can help? Thank you!