Tamagotchi Connection Re-Release!


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Mar 26, 2008
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Woohoo, it's finally happening! 😄🎉

Over the past few days, there have been leaks of an upcoming Tamagotchi Connection release, and as of yesterday, the pre-order pages over on Amazon are available!


It seems like they're combining features and characters from a few different versions to make it it's own unique experience, but the v3 seems to be the base. I'm hoping some of the silly little goofballs from the v2 and v3 that we never saw again make it in haha! In this first wave, there's a mix of new and returning shell designs, which is cool to see.
They actually listened! :biggrin:

I’m glad we are finally getting the anticipated connections rerelease.

By the way TMGC Japan posted this mini trailer:

The Connection is back! We got the original P1/P2 Tamagotchi which is like an rerelease,but they have minor changes to the real original

Bandai's logo's the same while they do have the new Bandai Namco,have you heard of Storm Connections? They have this new logo.
If this is based on V3,I hope it connects to old Tamagtochi conenctions like V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V6 (Music Star),V7 (Tama GO),and V8 (Friends). These are all connections.
has anyone noticed that one of the Connection re-release shells has disappeared off of Amazon? specifically the blue one titled Bubbles.
Apparently Amazon said it was a 'glitch' they were fixing (though I doubt it, since the 2-pack stayed up), I can confirm they're back up since I just pre-ordered one of my own B)

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