Tamagotchi meets (Japanese) bugging out when using the English On App items/accessories/wall papers

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Oct 10, 2016
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Hello all,

Recently I've had some issues with my tamagotchis' animations on their home screen being SUPER slow. I believe that I've pin-pointed the issue.

At first, I thought it was just something glitchy with the Blue Tiara. Turns out, it happened again. This time, it happened when my tama got married while having the "Sweets" wallpaper up that I got from the app. 

I think that the tamagotchi meets kinda glitches out when you get married while having an English item from the English On App active. (kind of makes sense, the Japanese Meets aren't coded for these items and the items aren't coded for the Japanese meets)

From what I understand, It's fine to use the English On app to marry and transfer Gotchi points, but I would delete any items on your meets once you transfer them to get the Gotchi points. 

I've married multiple Japanese meets on the English App with no problems. These issues started when I wanted to use the gorgeous Blue Tiara, now again when I decided to use the "Sweets" wall paper from the catching game on the English App.

But again, this is all conjecture and only based on my own anecdotal evidence, so I may be wrong. Just wanted to share in case any one else may have had the same issue :)

If this does happen to you, a hard-reset will completely fix it.

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