Tamagotchi P1/P2 Evolution Guide

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May 17, 2021
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So, I've found that there's a lot of conflicting and/or vague information out there about how classic Tamagotchi evolve. For the past couple of months (I detailed a bit of the beginning of my journey in a log here!) I've been raising 5 pets and doing only 1 thing different on each to test various theories about how they evolve and have managed to 'solve' how the evolution works. I've started a little guide site here that you can please check out if you'd like, which has all this information and more. (I'm still trying to confirm all the bedtimes and minimum weights as I've found info online for these to be incorrect as well).

So if you don't want to go to my guide site with more details and just want the information here, here's the basics of how evolution works. I'm going to use the P1 characters, but this works for P2 as well. Note that this ONLY applies to the ORIGINAL P1/P2 Tamagotchi, and NOT the 20th anniversary replicas from 2017-2018. Those actually have more complex programming and I have yet to figure them out fully. It seems to be mostly the same but possibly some amount of care mistakes may change evolution???? (today I had a "good" Tonmarutchi with 75% discipline evolve into Zuccitchi, but I did have 1-2 care mistakes on there) and number of snacks fed may count as care mistakes or something, don't know exactly how the snacks are programmed yet but they definitely do something now. I still need to do a lot of testing for those.

Babytchi always evolves to Marutchi. Nothing you do to Babytchi matters at all.

Marutchi will evolve to Tamatchi or Kuchitamatchi depending on care mistakes (0-1 = Tamatchi, 2+ = Kuchitamatchi). The game will "remember" how much discipline it had when evolving. If you had 75% or more discipline, you will evolve into the 'good' version of the teen; if you had 0-50% you will evolve into the 'bad' version of the teen.

Tamatchi will evolve into one of the "good" tier adults with 0-2 care mistakes. It will evolve into one of the "bad" tier adults with 3+ care mistakes. Kuchitamatchi will always evolve into one of the three lower adults regardless of care mistakes.

A "good" teen will evolve into the tier 1 adult (Mametchi or Kuchipatchi) with 100% discipline. This is the only way to get these two.
A "good" teen will evolve into the tier 2 adult (Ginjirotchi or Nyorotchi) with 75% disciplie.
A "good" teen will evolve into the tier 3 adult (Maskutchi or Tarakotchi) with 0-50% discipline.
A "bad" teen will evolve into the tier 2 adult with 100% discipline, otherwise it will evolve into the tier 3 adult.

Other than 3+ care mistakes making Tamatchi drop to the three "bad" tier adults, the only thing that matters upon evolution is discipline. There is no record of "good" or "bad" care. Things such as not cleaning up poop, sleeping in poop, etc. do not make any difference. And you can get 20 care mistakes on your good Kuchitamatchi, leaving the lights on all the time and letting it wallow in poop and be sick for hours on end... it will still evolve into Kuchipatchi as long as the discipline is 100%. It doesn't matter how "bad" your care is. Just discipline!!

As for the hidden figures, you must raise your Tamagotchi to Maskutchi with 0% discipline (so you'll need to get 0-1 care mistakes as Marutchi and 0-2 care mistakes as Tamatchi, with the discipline always being 0%). Once this completely undisciplined Maskutchi has appeared, the only thing you need to do is keep it alive to age 10. You do not need "good" or "perfect" care. Just as long as the thing doesn't die before its evolution time during age 10, you will end up with Bill (English version) or Oyajitchi (Japanese version).

A shame it's so simplistic, but at the same time, it's nice because I was able to solve the mystery of evolution and provide an accurate and detailed guide. I'm sure some people knew some or even all of this before, but I was not able to find all of this information online at all, just some hints scattered about along with tons of misinformation mixed in.

While I work on getting the rest of the weights and bedtimes confirmed, I think I am pretty much done with my P1/P2 guide for now. I will worry about the anniversary rereleases and version differences section at a later time. For my next project, I have ordered two Angels, one with the classic care icons and one with the updated ones including the flying butt. Wanted to get an English one too but didn't have the extra cash to shell out to get one just yet. Tomorrow is my birthday so maybe I'll luck out with some money as presents XD Anyway, my next goal is to figure out exactly how the Angels work. If anyone has any hints to get me started, definitely let me know. The information on the Tama wiki seems a bit helpful but not 100% concrete on how exactly everything works.

Also, if you see any wrong information here or on my site, PLEASE let me know. I aim to have the most accurate and thorough information about classic Tamagotchi that there is.