Tamagotchi v5, Marriage after Gen 2 with Pure Families


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May 2, 2022
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Hey there, new here!!

I recently started running my v5 again after years of keeping it in my drawer and I decided to go for a Pure family for the first time.

I successfully got the Mame Family and just a few minutes ago, my baby tamas immediately evolved into Mametchi and ChaMametchi. My question is regarding how to keep on going.
Usually it takes a while for the tamas to evolve into adult form but since this is a pure family, they immediately turn into an adult character (Mametchi) and a teen (Chamametchi).

So if anyone knows, where do they go from there? Will Chamametchi turn into a Chantotchi or will she remain a teen forever?
Does this also mean that I just have to marry this new Mametchi again in a couple days? If i marry Chantotchi again, will I be forever on a Mametchi to Mametchi loop?
Do the Bond points even matter with a Pure Family if i already have an adult Mametchi family?
The only thing that seems to make sense is that maybe ChaMametchi can still evolve into another adult character like Memetchi and then I cant immediately start a Meme family.

I wanted to try out all the pure families but i dont know if that is possible one after the other, so does that mean I have to have a blended family in between Pure families so I can try out a Meme family or a Kuchi family?

Help please!

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