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Jul 9, 2013
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(quick note: apparently you can no longer create new posts in the fanfiction section, so i'm just putting this here for now. if i'm doing it wrong, lemme know!
for those who either can or can't tell from the title, this is a story/possible oneshot focusing on the long-forgotten protagonist of the original Tamagotchi film, Tanpopo! unlike bandai, i always wondered what happened to her after the events of the film, and tonight i had this undeniable feeling that i had to write something to follow up on it!

warning: lots of themes, lots of crying, and at one point a borderline panic attack ((nothing too major)). this takes place 4 years after the events of Tamagotchi: The Movie. two characters are featured from the anime, but you don't need to know anything about them unless your morbid curiosity demands it. i may or may not continue this, hehe ;; i hope you enjoy!)


So. It's been a while, hasn't it?

For those who don't know, my names' Tanpopo. I'm fourteen years old, and I'm in the eighth grade. I live in Kyoto, on a street a few blocks away from the local convenience store. I've got a four-year old brother named Eiichi, and I'm trying to be the best role model I can for him. I've been studying as hard as I can, and my grades are slowly looking up - an improvement from last year's, definitely!

All in all, it's been pretty hectic. But I wouldn't change anything.

For the past four years, I've made new friends, studied hard, and I've never felt happier. Honestly! I still can't believe how lucky I am, having a loving family and an adorable little bro and...

...you're not here for any of that, are you?


My Tamagotchi? I don't even know where I put it. I don't even remember the last time I played with it. I'm too old for it now, that's for sure. I probably broke it or something. Even if I still knew where it was, I wouldn't have any time to play with it at all. I'm not letting my grades slip again because of some dumb old toy.

Yes, I know, apparently I traveled to a different planet and met real, live Tamagotchi creatures, but try to remember that I was ten. I dreamed that whole thing up. There's no way it actually happened. I always used to daydream a lot. This was just one such thing.

I'm just a normal girl, living a normal life.

My Tamagotchi phase is over, and it has been for the past four years.

I have my own life to live.


There was a new student in class today. Apparently she moved from Tokyo because of some issues at her old school. A pretty huge decision, if you ask me - who moves towns entirely over a single school? Tokyo has so many of them, she could've just transferred to another.

Either way, she was pretty quiet. I've forgotten her name.

And, I wouldn't be writing any of this down, if it weren't for another student in my class.

Her names' Yuka. She's the kind of girl who sits right at the back, completely by herself, and just when you think she's not paying attention, she flashes her notes for a second and they're full to the brim with everything the teacher's written down. Her fringe is literally so long it covers most of her eyes, so I have no idea how she's even able to take notes down that quick.

Anyway, the new student - as soon as she walked into the classroom, there was an audible gasp from Yuka. I think everyone heard, but I was the only one who really payed attention to her reaction. We were all standing up at the time, but Yuka's jaw was agape, and - from what little I could see of them - her eyes were as wide as saucers. I have a few reasons dancing in my head, the main one being that they're probably childhood friends or something.

I never really took Yuka as the kind of person to have a childhood friend, but I'm obviously missing something here. I'm not that good at reading the room.

Throughout the day, the new student was super quiet. She barely talked to anyone. I think Yuka was trying to get her attention, but I didn't really see much. I was too busy trying to memorize the equation on the board.

...Besides, it's none of my business. Why should I care about some random student and her probably-previous friendship with another girl I know?


a girl wakes up in a field of daffodils.

the night sky burns bright, stars scattered sideways haphazardly. the air she breathes is alien, unfamiliar.

she cries out for her parents.

no one answers.

friends walk by. the girl is unnoticed.

one friend stops.

"Are you lost?"

the girl hiccups, and, with tears running down her face, screams "I want to go home!" Tanpopo cries out, sitting up in her bed.

Eyes glance over to the alarm clock. 2:02, it reads.

The brunette sniffles, barely noticing the blurring of her surroundings, the wet feeling on her cheeks. She brushes an arm across her face, and the first thought that comes to mind is home.

She is home. She is safe.

Tanpopo shivers.

"Back to bed," she mumbles to herself, but not before she hears the sound of tiny little footsteps, pitter-patting on the wooden-laminated floors outside her door.

It slowly creaks open, light shining through. Tanpopo puts a hand up to shield her eyes from the sudden brightness, as Eiichi pokes his head through, face scrunched up in a pout.

The brunette's hardened expression softens at the sight of her brother. "Go back to bed, Eiichi."

"You were screaming again." He says, eyes never leaving her own. "I got scared."

Tanpopo stares at him for a moment longer. Eventually, she relents - letting out a sigh, she rolls just a smidge over in her bed, patting the space next to her.

The familiar weight of her brother lying next to her becomes apparent, as the mattress creaks under them. Tanpopo lets out a shaky sigh, curled up and facing the wall.

Eiichi mimics her, sighing as well. He shifts, back-to-back with his sister, facing the desk parallel to the teenager's bed.

There's a period of silence.

Tanpopo wants to cry, now more than ever.

"...Why are you always screaming?" Eiichi timidly asks.

Tanpopo bites her lip, curling inwards even further. "It's nothing. Just the same stupid dream again."

Eiichi doesn't respond, not right away.

Then, he asks, "What happens in it?"

More silence.

Then, softly, Tanpopo lets out a quiet whimper, feeling the stinging in the corner of her eyes as she clenches them shut. "I don't know...!"


Her name is Tomomi.

She and Yuka were talking a lot today. The weekend just passed, so I'm guessing maybe they met up on one of those days. There's a tiny little part of me that feels happy for the pair, even though I don't know them at all.

Then, later today, I saw them chatting at Yuka's desk.

Tomomi was holding something -- something I didn't get a good look at.

I-- I don't care about it. Honestly. I don't care at all.

...I think I know what she was holding.


a girl wakes up, and wanders in a field of daffodils.

no tears run down her face, yet upon it is a blank look, her eyes empty as all else around her.

a friend runs up to her, and she has to actually look down at them to see them face-to-face.

"Where have you been?!" they shout. "We've been so worried about you! You stopped answrnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

A tower, she's on top of a tower, and something she doesn't recognize is in her hands, and she's falling and she's falling and she's falling forever and ever and ever and ever and the petals are stone-cold and the egg is in pieces and it's your fault, it's your faULT IT'S YOUR

Tanpopo screams, throwing the covers off her bed.

She quickly gets to her feet, faster than before, and starts pacing. Her breathing is heavy, erratic, and she digs her hands into her hair, clamping down on her mouth to stop herself from yelling.

Her breathing is labored, swift - and she falls back onto her bed, crying. She sobs, loudly, burying her face in her hands and praying no-one hears.

Why?! Her thoughts wail. Why can't I stop thinking about this?!


Later, when her brother is by her side and when Tanpopo is too afraid to even close her eyes, she sits up.

Her room is dark. It hasn't changed, at least barely, in the four years that have passed. Her desk still stands tall, its side yellowing from the sun that shines through her bedroom's balcony. An outdated calendar hangs on the wall, and a picture frame of a bundle of blue in a much-younger Tanpopo's arms sits tall upon the highest shelf in her room.

The brunette wipes her nose with the sleeve of her pajama top, and when she looks down at Eiichi, sleeping soundly,

she notices her old Tamagotchi firmly in his grasp.

(he told her later that he found it 'on his bed', whatever that means.)


I think I've been studying too much.

Today, at school, Tomomi approached me shortly before recess. With her fluffy brown hair, and her big, brown eyes, and a peppy smile I didn't expect to see on her face.

"Tanpopo, right? Um, I was wondering if we could be friends," She shyly laughs, continuing at my nod. "Yuka told me you like Tamagotchis, I-- I do too." She brings out a pink iD L, light scratches decorating its faceplate. She blushes, "I hope you don't think I'm weird. I don't know anyone else my age who even plays with these."

I stare at the Tamagotchi in her hands. It's a new model, with a color screen and everything. My eyes widen - I've only ever had a black and white one, and it was thin compared to the size of this version.

One side of me screams what are you, a dweeb? You don't even like Tamagotchi anymore, and the other yells look how cool that is!

(one more whispers, 'stop denying the truth'.)

"Yeah," The words tumble out of my mouth faster than I can think about even saying them. "I like Tamagotchis."


Eiichi is gone.

He's just-- not here. Not in the house.

My heart is beating a mile per minute, as I scramble around the house, calling out his name. "Eiichi?! Eiichi, where are you?!"

He's gone he's gone he's gone he's gone, he's gone!

I go to call Mom. She picks up. "Hello?"

"Mom, Eiichi's missing!" I cry. "He's not in the house!"

There's silence on the other line.

"Mom?!" I shout again, struggling to keep my breathing under control. Please answer, please answer, pl--

"Who's Eiichi?"

I hang up.

"No, no no no no," I shake my head, "This isn't happening. This isn't happening."

Yet it is.

And I'm powerless to stop it.


a friend, or two, or three, cough through the smoke.

"Why does this always happen?!" one cries. "You're always making such a big mess with your inventions!"

"Well, I'm sorry, but it's due tomorrow and I haven't had time to get it tested!" another shouts.

"Are you guys okay, dachi?!"

there's a fourth voice. the sound of a beep.

"...Hello?" A boy blinks, looking up from the egg-shaped device in his hands.

Mametchi screams; Memetchi gasps; Kuchipatchi also screams, and so does the boy.

The Tamagotchi beeps, and an animation plays of a character dropping a letter in a mailbox.

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