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Mar 31, 2006
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You have a Tamagotchi question?
(Note: words underlined in black are links, click on them to jump to that new topic.)

Note that the FAQ site is now closed and the link to this section is no longer available:
1. Check the FAQ
Chances are you're not the first one to ask the question you have in mind. It might even be a "Frequently Asked Question", which is also known as an "FAQ". So, the first place to look is the TamaTalk FAQ site.

On the TamaTalk FAQ site, you can scan through questions by category, such as "Tamagotchi Version Three", "TamaTown and e-Tamago", and "Tamagotchi Codes", or search for it if you don't know where it might be. Here's a search example. Got a question about the matchmaker? Type matchmaker in the search box just below the category list on the left, then click the "Go" button. All TamaTalk FAQ related to the matchmaker will appear.

2. Search TamaTalk
If you can't find your question and answer on the TamaTalk FAQ site, your next step is to search the TamaTalk site. Come back to the TamaTalk main site and hold your mouse pointer on Quick Search (Magnifying Glass icon) - it's near the top right corner of the page, between Quick Navigation and New Content. A menu will pop up. Click on Advanced Search icon (Cog Wheel) in that menu. The TamaTalk Search Form will appear. Want to find out why the makeup you bought for your Tamagotchi in TamaTown doesn't work? Type makeup in the search keywords box and click perform the search. Too many results appear? Go to the TamaTalk Search Form again and enter +makeup +"doesn't work". There's not so many now. Scan through them. The one titled "make up?" seems to answer this question.

3. Post Your Question on the TamaTalk Help forums
Still can't find your question and answer? Ask other members by creating a topic. Instructions on how put your question on TamaTalk are here: How to: put your question on TamaTalk

For further information please read through the Users Guide to TamaTalk .

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