The Ginjirotchi Part 5

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Apr 4, 2006
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Ginjirotchi crashed into Shadow and Shadow did the same thing, bouncing everywhere. Ginjirotchi jumped onto the rope holders to avoid getting hit. When Shadow stopped bouncing, Ginjirotchi tried to jump on Shadow, but missed, as Shadow rolled away and jumped on Ginjirotchi. Ginjirotchi struggled to break free, and as an attempt to get back on his feet, he kicked Shadow off him. The force was so strong Shadow was knocked into the walls, and he broke through. I won, thought Ginjirotchi. The very next day Ginjirotchi and Rabitchi decided to mate. There was lots of planning. Finally, after two months, they were ready to mate. We will end the part, the second-to-last part of this story, when Rabitchi became pregnant.